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Zombie Dragon II
Zombie Dragon II Figure
Skill Torrent of Venom
Evolution Rarity.Epic 2 of 2
Max Level 99
Rarity Epic
Growth Late Bloomer
Worth 22,020 Gold
Race Gender Tradable Sacrificable
Gender.O Tradable Sacrificable
Last Words Byaaaaarrk!
ID 10057
Auto-attack ATK (100% * 1)
Position Dependent

Base 4,640 4,330 3,830 3,780 5,440
Max 10,160 9,470 8,380 8,280 11,880
PE 11,007 10,259 9,078 8,970 12,870
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.

Special Information

See our Origins section for information about Zombie Dragon II's origins.

See our Tier Lists (PvP, Raid and Tower) for Zombie Dragon II's tier.


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Evolution Line

  1. Zombie Dragon Figure Zombie Dragon
  2. Zombie Dragon II Figure Zombie Dragon II

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