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The White Knight is one of the eight Warlords and represents the Westerner Race. He has a high Attack and Defense.

The White Knight
The White Knight Figure
Race Gender
Evolution Rarity.Epic 1of1
Max Level 170
Rarity Epic
Skill Triple Strike
Last Words My honor stands unblemished!

Flavor Text

Hero of fiery honor from the West Midlands.
  — In-game description 


The White Knight appears to be a human male with long locks of blond or yellow hair. He wears silver and gold (alternately, chrome and yellow) armor and carries a sword in his right hand. His left hand holds a shield marked with a crest of what may be a swan. His face has a stern set to it as if ready to face anything but not excited about it.


High ATK and DEF.

Base 1,190 1,230 1,320 1,100 1,150
Max 13,416 13,832 14,811 12,351 12,966
POPE 13,917 14,333 15,312 12,852 13,466
Raid 69,585 71,665 76,560 64,260 67,330

Special Information

See our Origins section for information about White Knight's origins.

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