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By now you should know the basics of Blood Brothers and be able to identify familiars. You've learned how to build a brigade, what familiars are in your budget, and what skills you want to put on your warlord. However, if you are still having trouble with any of the above I suggest you visit our Beginner's Guide one more time before looking here, as it may be confusing.

Now that you've gotten more comfortable with the game, it's time to delve into the deeper aspects of it. This game isn't just about throwing together familiars and repeating events over and over - it's more than that. These player tips cover a broad area of subjects and helpful information that can improve your gameplay overall. They will help you succeed by learning how to earn more expensive familiars, gain higher ranks, and even make your own POPE familiars!

More Team Building[]

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Now that you know the basics of building a brigade and some cost-relevant familiars, it's time to check out these tips for starting to expand. You may be confused with what all of the options are for Warlord skills that weren't mentioned in the Beginner's Guide. These tips will explain the similarities in certain skills as well as show you a quick start up for a brigade.

- Team Building - an ATK-based team is used as an example but remember to look at Building a Brigade for other familiars with similar prices.

- Different Named Skills - Some skills have different names, but are actually the same. Don't overpay for what you can get cheaper!

- Is Curse Foil A Good Choice? - A lot of people think Curse Foil is a necessity on warlords since you can strike back, but this isn't always the case. In fact, you may be surprised at the results!

Trading and Using the Bazaar[]

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Newcomers may find difficulties in gaining new familiars. The bazaar uses Gjallorhorn as it's main trading currency as well as Mandrakes. Therefore, it may be hard to start off without having any of these. Well not to worry, here are some great guides put together with a lot of effort into making it easier for you! Remember you can always ask for help in Board:Bazaar.

- Beginner's Guide to Trading - This guide will get you started on how to invest and work the bazaar. It takes hard work and patience, but the more resources you gain the more you'll have to work with!

- Price Reference - A wonderful price reference guide for a vast majority of familiars.

- Price Update - Notices in familiar's price increases or drops that may lead you to think about what you invest in.

- Tiered Price List - Prices of familiars based on their spots in the tier lists. Helpful for finding the cheapest or most expensive familiar in a certain tier, and knowing what you can achieve with your budget!

- Bazaar Experience - A user's experiences with the Bazaar and how it can help you!

- Navigating the Bazaar - Bazaar trading conventions explained. Use this info to make better and more informed trades!

-Lesjakes Bazzar blogs: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Making POPE for Less![]

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Having the highest stats you can possibly have can be expensive, but this guide will show you how you can save a little and still have the best. A few stats can really make a difference if your opponent has the same familiar, so don't skimp out if you can afford it! 

- POPE without 400cc - It's possible, in some circumstances, to make a POPE with less crystals!

Making the Most of Events[]

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You want to make the most out of the events you do. You want good ranks, but you also don't want to waste your resources in just one event. These guides will show you how to earn great ranks while sometimes even earning bugles!

- PvP Phase 1 L for Free Players - Amount of resources and times needed for 1 or 2 Legendaries in PvP Phase 1. Easier to obtain than I thought!

- Conserving Bugles in PvP - Amazing synopsis of how one player keeps track of his progress and still comes out with a great title despite hardly using any bugles, sometimes even gaining! Be sure to take a look at all he has to offer.

- PvP Phase 1 Strategies - Players' input on strategies for PvP Phase 1

- PvP Phase 2 Strategies - Players' input on strategies for PvP Phase 2

- Farming Bugles in Raid - Excellent tips on how to farm bugles in raid while still getting points for rewards.

- SRB 1L Run with Efficiency - Excellent guide on how to chase 1 L in raid.

- First ever SRB Legendary Run - Documented Raid L chase with valuable tips.

- Raid Strategies - Players' input on strategies for Raid

- Wold Battle Tournament Guide - MrMcSpankie's excellent WBT Guide.

- WBT 3-man brigade tips - Killervet's WBT Guide for 3-man Formations.

- Tower Strategies - Players' input on strategies for Tower

- Tower Strategies 1L Run - Swinkels' input on strategies for Tower L Run


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These are some great tips on safety on the wikia. Be sure to check these out to prevent any harm to yourself or to others!

- Important Safety Info! - Excellent information on the safety practices you should practice while on the wikia.

Miscellaneous Tips[]

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These are some great miscellaneous tips for just about anything related to the wiki or Blood Brothers. Be sure to check these out and apply them!

- Quickly Level Your Warlord - Fast way to level up your warlord so you can compete better with those level 170 matchups!

- Quickly Level Your Familiars! - Great player feedback on where to level your familiars as quickly as possible.

- Customizing Your Wiki Profile - Spectacular editing advice if you want to make your wiki profile top notch!

- Blood Brothers Simulator A powerful tool for PvP simulation. Measure your brig's power against another brig or against brigs of certain tiers.


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Credits go to GuitarRock, Tom79, Loan Deranger, Sir Machius, Sybrenjansen, GnowokojMaawolfe36, MrMcSpankie and Cyriel for their contributions to the wikia. Much appreciation is given to all the users who left feedback as well.