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Warning! This article is unofficial, has a subjective point of view, and was made by players and fans.

Building a good team is the foundation of a Blood Brothers experience and can be one the most rewarding and frustrating aspects of the game. Be sure to learn the basics of the game before reading this article.

In general, brigades are separated in four archetypes: Attack, Agility, Wisdom, and Defense. It is generally a good idea to have a target in mind before starting to buy Familiars in the Bazaar. The lists below provide a few suggestions for budget starting squads for each team type.



Main article: Familiar Tier List

A given team may or may not be optimal for all kinds of events. For instance, a certain team may be very good in PvP events, but will have trouble scoring high in Raid or Tower events. Or, a team could be evenly spread out into all 3 events.

While PvP is always conducted against teams of multiple familiars, some events (like Special Dungeons and Raid) contain bosses that form a one-man team. These bosses are naturally more vulnerable to multi-hit Familiars than to AoE Familiars (for instance, Managarmr is considered powerful in PvP, due to being capable of hitting all enemies for 200% WIS damage, but will only hit a boss once for 200% WIS and will thus do less damage against it than a Haokah which can hit a boss three times for 645% WIS damage).

Positions & Formations

Main article: Formations

Familiars will benefit from their position in a formation; for example, they can get a 20% bonus to their ATK when placed in front (but suffer a 20% penalty to DEF, and vice versa when placed in back). Please read Formations for more precise information.

  • Most ATK-based and AGI-based Familiars should ideally be placed in the front row, in order to get a bonus to their attacks.
    • Familiars with skills that don't take position in account (like Ioskeha or Alcina) should be placed in the back row for maximum protection, as they won't get a bonus for their skills in the front row. 
  • WIS-based Familiars should almost always be placed in the back row, as the majority of their skills are not affected by position.
  • If your Warlord uses Payback or Curse Foil, it should be placed as left as possible, so as to trigger earlier against Sweeping-type skills.

Reserve & Optimisation

The Reserve is very helpful: players can choose to swap Familiars before the beginning of a battle in order to adapt their team to the enemy.

Example: a team with an Hippogriff facing a team full of WIS-based Familiars may swap the Hippogriph for a Yulia, Snakerider that is more effective against such a brigade. However, if the enemy has Familiars dealing physical damage (ATK, almost all AGI, etc.), Hippogriph is the better option. It is advised not to have both in the same brigade, however. Making a separate brigade with one in each allows another spot for a better familiar rather than having both Hippogriff and Yulia, only to use one effectively.

During Blood Clashes (in PvP events), defeated Familiars are replaced by those waiting in the Reserve. When a Familiar is knocked out by the opponent, it will be replaced by the Familiar behind in the Reserve (usually during the next round). Some Familiars that may be average or mediocre in regular PvP can be very effective in Blood Clash.



Please note that those archetypes are only suggestions. It is possible to blend multiple archetypes together.

The budget level of a familiar is not a ranking of its relative strength, but an observation of the current Bazaar market prices (that may/will change in the future). For a more complete ranking of Familiars, please see our Tier List.

Budget may vary as Bazaar values are constantly changing. Prices are in Gjallarhorns.

  • Low Budget: around 3 GHs or less
  • Mid-Low Budget: from around 5 GHs to around 7
  • Mid-High Budget: from around 7 GHs to around 12
  • High Budget: around 20 GHs or more

Legendary Familiars are not taken into account as suggestions here for material reasons.


This team type is generally the most versatile, focusing on the ATK stat. It is naturally built for Raid Boss events, but can struggle against well prepared opposing squads in PVP.

Budget Familiars


Fomor the Savage II - Ghislandi, Iron Heart II - Prince Asterios II - Tametomo, Master Archer II - Hogni Ruinblade II - Gangaruda the Destroyer II - Chiyome, the Kamaitachi II - Wu Chang the Infernal II


Bolus, the Blue Bolt II - Black Knight, Soul Hunter II - Oniroku the Slayer II - Batraz, the Immortal Hero II - Desna, Mythic Wendigo II  - Ioskeha


Mathilda the Tarantula IIBorivoi, the Black Prince II - Hecatoncheir the Adamantine II - Flesh Collector Golem II


Ira, Hypnotic Specter II - Cuelebre the Ironscaled II - Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II - Saurva, the Lawless Lord IIOlitiau, the Great Bat II


This team type is capable of wiping out whole teams in one shot with its higher damage skills such as Torrent of Flame. However, the Familiars tend to be slower than other team types and the team in general will be a bit proc-dependant.

Budget Familiars
Low Fafnir, Fire Dragon II - Randolph the Crazed II - Guerson, Thunder Mage II - Regin, the Brass Mantis II - Thor, God of Lightning II - Two-Headed Stormwyrm II - Empusa the Alluring II - Biast II
Mid-Low Astaroth, Duke of Fear II - Odin Stormgod II - Lamassu the Merciful II - Iseult, the Redeemer II - Libuse, the Black Queen II - Ijiraq, the Glacier II - Lahamu, Royal Viper II - Fimbul Frostclad II


Alp, Dynast of Darkness II - Kyteler the Corrupted II - Aurboda, the Great Mother II - Grellas Fellstaff II
High Managarmr Frost Touch II - Sihn, Moonlight King II  - Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing II - Haokah, the Lightning Brave II - Delphyne, Thunder Dragon II


This team type excels in PVP battles because its goal is to go first and hit as hard as possible. Like WIS teams, AGI teams tend to be proc-dependant.

Budget Familiars
Low Galahad, Drake Knight II - Artemisia, Knight Gallant II - Katiria Nullblade II - Prowling Keeper II - Diamond Guivre II
Mid-Low Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier II - Edgardo, Templar Captain II - Dharva Fangclad II
Mid-High Montu, God of War II - Rapse, the Bloody Horns II - Anne, the Whirlwind II
High Tawiscara - All-Seeing Keeper II - Alcina the Soulsucker II - Nergal, Abyssal Overseer II - Hercinia the Blest II


This team type should excel in PVP in theory. These squads are very slow, but rely on devastating defensive skills to kill opposing fams whenever they attack. The downside of these squads is that they are often very vulnerable to WIS teams. Healers on the other hand, are sturdy against WIS attacks (usually) and support the defense of a brigade by keeping them alive. These can be crucial in a good defensive team.

Budget Familiars
Low Wledic, Guard Captain II - Bunga, the Stalwart II  - Argos II - Godfinger, Fist of the East - Makalipon, Sacred Fruit II - Pendragon, the Scourge II
Mid-Low Spellforged Cyclops II - Tuniq, Guardian Colossus II
Mid-High To be Determined
High Adara Luck Shot II - Gorlin Gold Helm II  - Marraco, Crusted Wyrm II - Soura, Inferno Shaman II