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Warning! This article is unofficial, has a subjective point of view, and was made by players and fans.
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Starting an adventure in Blood Brothers is not an easy task. This guide contains suggestions, advice and tips for new players, but also for veterans who are looking to improve their gaming experience.

New tutorials will be added in the future in this section.


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Before trying to enter more advanced tutorials, it is advised new players read the Basics section of the Wiki to understand the essential principles of Blood Brothers. Veteran players may want to refresh their knowledge too.


Familiar Information

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Newcomers may find difficulties to understand what information are displayed on a Familiar's profile, or even to find such information. This tutorial explians how to find a Familiar's profile, and contains compete breakdown of a Familiar's profile.

Tutorial:Familiar Information

Building a Brigade

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The player's brigade is the heart of the strategy in Blood Brothers. Players will find in this tutorial the basics they need to know to create the perfect team, a presentation of the four different brigade archetypes, and suggestions of Familiars to add in a good team.

Tutorial:Building a Brigade

Making an OPE

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While it is possible to make easy evolution resulting in high stats, some players may want to achieve the perfection for their Familiars: the Over-Perfect Evolution (OPE) and its variants. This tutorial presents the requirements and procedure of the making of an OPE, but also give explanations and tips on Evolution.

Tutorial:Making an OPE

Warlord Skills

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The latest customization feature that was added to the game allows players to add and change the skills of their Warlords. Players will find in this tutorial an overview of this feature, and suggestions of different skill sets for each Warlord.

Tutorial:Warlord Skills


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Be sure to check out these tips on more in-depth areas of the game once you feel comfortable. They have been put together by members of the wikia and will enhance your gameplay in almost every way. From events, the bazaar, and even your warlord!