• This is the Team C Tower Area. Request alliance on the Recruiting Thread

    Team Members
    * Please check the WWW Google doc for the updated list of members.

    Required Points & Allies

    The final amount of shared points needed depends on event duration and design. Please see the section "Rules and Procedures" in the WWW Google doc for further details.

    Usually you need a minimum of 175k shared points. Any lower may result in demotion.

    Please use the WWW Declaration Thread to declare your team and organize your individual allies on this thread.

    If you don't declare for an event please use the purple/grey flame logo or inform your teammates about potential lower performance before accepting requests. Thanks!

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    • I'll be team C as usual. Who's with me?

      @Arkashah: how many points you think u'll get on a 5 day tower event?

      I don't have enougth space to get all new members/trials

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    • Hi i am in this team. This is my first in joining a real team for an event. Please advice me on what do i need to do apart from the 150k of points that need to be shared.

      Hi Loan reporting for duty.

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    • @Pdrwlesi: no idea, I've never checked before... But I'll make more than 150k for sure !

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    • Hi guys i will play this event with all of my 3 accounts but i cant guarantee Team C requirements. In a good case i share more then 300k but in a bad one less then 100k. Therefore i declared Team V. If you dont mind that or are short on allies you could still request me.

      @Lian: You should sent out ally requests to all of Team C but at least everyone that declared for C in this event. Then you could organise your event ally list as you ask others to save you a spot and vice versa.

      If theres not much activity on team C and you cant fill your list you could also ask in team B thread or allie some of the team V guys.

      I wish you all the best in the upcoming event :D

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    • Ok loan thanks.

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    • pls save a spot for both of my accounts too...

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    • I did send a request to your board phy.

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    • in again for this one please feel free to request

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    • unrealbe team c

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    • I got 2 allies atm, waiting for more from team c. If i cant get it full in half a day ill  start adding other people. cheers

      also I got unrealbe3 for those needing an extra teammate (active but not sharing team c).

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    • There are 14 members that declared team C. I think there shouldnt be a problem to get a full roster this time.

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    • Hi i need allies... can i join team C?

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    • I think you need to be in the excell file?

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    • For recruitment please have a look at the Recruitment Thread.

      In case members have empty ally spots left you can try to ally a member and ask them for a vouch or a screen.

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    • Hi Derrick,

      to join forces with us you'll first need a screenshot of your shared points and a member that vouches for you(those member could also provide the screenshot at the end of this event)

      If there are some members that cant fill their lists maybe they are willing to ally you and vouch for you later on.

      But it would be better if you provide some information about your performance before.

      For example how much points you did last tower on your own, do you level up your wl during this event or have you already reached 170, are you willing to use some resources or just play natural regen. And if you have a screenshot of your results from a tower event this would help too, i think.

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    • Yeah sure thanks... Anyway i have allied Unrealbe, hopefully he can vouch for me after the event

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    • sure, but whats your in game name?

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    • Shared points 4 hours to event end:

      Phyxius1007 -> 276 529

      jeglegator -> 255 421

      pdrwlesi -> 287 675

      zacklouis -> 248 665

      kapopoy76 -> 226 928

      johnnycklow -> 232 851

      mastersinomi -> 221 509

      unrealbe -> 184 864

      monroegery -> 150 092

      janhera -> 19 066

      I have the screenshots if needed.

      Thanks all !

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    • 1h 17min to the end and my allies shared:

      Arkashah - 325k

      phyxius1007 - 310k

      zacklouis - 280k

      kapopoy76 - 236k

      mastersimoni - 220k

      ankit345 - 243k

      krushaking - 226k

      krush79 - 220k

      unrealbe - 184k

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    • Thanks for posting shared points. Seems to me that all of you did very well. Good job guys :D

      In case of Janhera i think he sat out but not sure about this cos he didnt declared.

      And thanks to swinkel who already recorded the points in Tower History :D

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    • Ok guys, first of all, i want to thank to all member who joint with me last tower event. So here is the quick summary of sharing point (1hr before event ended).

      I've been allied with 8 member of team WWW.

      Purp13Kn1f3 ----> 3.593.216

      alert88 ----> 794.891

      Arkashah ----> 325.766

      phyxius ----> 271.319

      zacklouis ----> 286.177

      kapopoy ----> 240.792

      Deefin ----> 106.638

      janhera ----> 20.639

      I have the screen cap, i can upload it but maybe not now cuz my device still caught in some error. Since i'm not chasing certain target or achievement i don't mind with the sharing point, i let the Team leader to decide anything to member. Anyway, thanks for the team. It's really fun. :D

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    • You're right monroegery. Both deefin and janhera underperformed. I think we should wait for them to say something about this.

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    • Hi @loan deranger,

      i believe i did shared the necessary amount of points to join this alliance in your ally list. Ok to ask u to vouch for me?

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    • I still don't know how many points I shared...

      I'm sure I did way more than those 287k that Arkashah posted. If I'm not mistaken he was the last person to accept my invitation.

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    • And this is what I had 4 hours to the end. You may have share more after.

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    • Hey guys,

      Sorry for the less than normal points share, I had some connection problems on the final day and wasn't able to capture very many bosses. I was also behind on points at that point as I won a forum account contest giveaway so had to spend some time arranging taking that on and then analysing its contents on how I could improve my resources and brigs across my main, new alt account I'd just created and the contest win account.

      Sorry again! Promise I'll be back to normal for the next raid


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    • Yay I've shared 700k+ points this tower. Thank you all who are willing to allie with me.

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    • Hi Deefin,

      congratulations on your price and thanks for your honest explanation. I can understand your excitement about this. If i won a gift like that i couldnt think about any other then unwraping it asap and my mind would go crazy about the new option i've got. On the other hand if i gave a promise to share a special amount of points to my team i would try to keep it at all cost.

      But at least no one complains and no harm was done and i think everyone should get a second chance. Just make sure next time you'll see a probability of not reaching required points you declare for team V.

      Btw going with this is no real disadvantage. All my allies including me shared 200k in Team V.

      In case of Janhera he didnt declared for any team and therefore he should be treated as sitting out.

      I would advice you to consider Swinkels note in Team B thread for the next events:

      A note to everyone, please accept members that have not declared any team at your own risk. These players should be regarded as 'sitting-out' and may be a good option in case you have ally spots that you can't fill.

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    • Well that's fair enough, consider that what if someone has a busy time and they can't declare anything while he/she has no one to help them to inform about their current status.

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    • @Unrealbe

      Hi sorry for reporting late... I would like to join Team C for tower... Unfortunately, i didnt manage to get the screenshot for my shared points. However, I allied with Unrealbe and also Cyriel for the last tower. Hope they have the screenshots to vouch for me. My ign is krhan10

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    • if unrealbe says you performed well and could provide your points its even possible without screenshot i think. But please use the recruitment thread for this.

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    • @derrick you are in my allies list. I did not know it Krhan is your ign lol.

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    • Lian.ingan wrote:
      @derrick you are in my allies list. I did not know it Krhan is your ign lol.

      Sorry abt that... Now u know :)

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    • In event I will add you then. But do inform if you are sitting out for an event.

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    • Lian.ingan wrote:
      In event I will add you then. But do inform if you are sitting out for an event.

      Sure no problem

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    • Give me a sec, i will check your points krhan.

      Ah seems your score is just out of my screenshot. sorry man.

      You where rank 5914 when I took it so at least thats a good base ;-)

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    • I'm still waiting for an update from my allies from last tower on my points.

      I was in rank amongst arkashah and phyxius1007 didn't know if best then them but at least very near.

      Since my reported points (287k, 4h before end) I did at least 1 more full run on tower and 1 on vault.

      I'd apreciate if anyone could send an acurate report. Thanks.

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    • @pdrwlesi...i wish i could help :(

      My allies share based on screenshots around 6 hr before end of event:

         IGN: ankit345        Shared Points 
      1 cyrielx2 5356k
      2 jeglegator 255k
      3 phyxius10070 246k
      4 mastersinomi 221k
      5 shgu 212k
      6 pdrwlesi 245k
      7 zacklouis 218k
      8 krushaking 206k
      9 krush79 190k
      10 Deefin 98k
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    • Sorry pdrwlesi...havent have the summary of my ally...its been a busy week after the tower...

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    • Whos with me to kick some tower boss ass? If there is anyone interested please state below :) Playing on main WL -Hakkas-

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    • I have 220 HB, is that enough to chase for L? I really want to try this time but need members also going for L

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    • Im out for this one. To much to do the next 5 days. I wish you all the best and hopefully there are some nice easter eggs for you too like the last year ;-)

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    • I will go for team c again this event.

      -> unrealbe.

      My alt is not on the excell but will also go for team c (at least sharing requirement)


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    • Hi guys, i am going for team C.. Playing with main WL krhan10

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    • Jeglegator
      Jeglegator removed this reply because:
      unnecessary comment
      12:09, April 18, 2014
      This reply has been removed
    • sorry guys, especially to my allies on this Tower event, my cellphone got snatched and i dont have a replacement yet...

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    • I decide to stop on the event early cuz i have go to work. And here is my quick summary.

      1. phyxius1007: 259.614

      2. phyxius10070: 200.899

      3. ssFasteddies: 157.012

      4. kapopoy76: 49.101

      5. zacklouis: 33.976

      I've been allied with 5 people on TEAM C, and the point display was the point shared 1hr before event ended. I have the snapshot to verify it. And as always, i let them team leader to decide about member performance. Thank very much. :)

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    • taken from my two account, here is the summary of my allies shared points...

      phyxius1007     281441

      alert88              280967

      monoroegery    270643

      -Hakkas-           228336

      phyxius10070   218933

      Arkashah          216305

      jelegator           202885

      ssFastEddiess 157012

      kapopoy76       51757

      zacklouis          35893

      BlackBeauty     3691

      This was taken 10 sec before event ends.

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    • Can any of my allies here post my shared points?

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    • I had no internet for 3 days so I could not compete anymore for the event. Sorry to the people I allied with, it luckly werent a lot of people.

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    • 10 mins to end (screenshots saved if needed):

      1. Dakulus 488 963

      2. Phyxius1007 281441

      3. shgu 261 186

      4. johnnycklow 262 996

      5. phyxius10070 216 379

      6. pdrwlesi 234 721

      7. -Hakkas- 228 336

      8. jeglegator 202 885

      9. BIackBeauty 3 691

      10. Outside ally

      Thanks to all :)

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    • First of all congratz to every member that performed well despite heavy logg in issues.

      You are awesome :D

      This time its hard for me to judge someones bad performance cos i myself couldnt logg in for almost 2 days and i read of many others that wasnt able too.

      At least i found a way with bluestacks and creating a new account to get back on the track but im sure not everyone had this capabilities.

      Kapopoy76/Zacklouis didnt declared for any team and therefore should be treated as sitting out and added at own risk as swinkel and me said last event in Raid B and C Thread. Beneath that he excused for his performance because his phone was snatched and he got no replacement to keep on scoring.

      But i would appreciate that undeclared members change their logo to the blue flame if they arent sure to share the minimum required points for their logo or at the very least inform members via ingame board or in the team thread that they arent sure to share the needed points before they accept requests of members that delared for a team.

      And i hope no one who isnt sure to share enough points send out requests to members that delcared for a team except for team V.

      BlackBeauty declared for team C and therefore promised to share a minimum of 150k. As this performance is incredible low i think he or she should make a statement before any judgement is taking place.

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    • Hi,

      Apologies to my allies for not sharing the minimum points, I still could not log in into the game even as of now. I've been trying out the ways others have suggested on wiki but it doesn't work for me. Even bluestacks which work for me long ago is not working now.

      I know how it feels to have someone as your ally and did not meet the requirements, I'm really sorry. Loan, I'll respect your final decision and I sincerely hope my incident will not affect other members faith in this team.

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    • that was the worst performance in tower event i ever done...

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    • Well everyone had big problems so I dont think points mattered this event, but even so everyone on my ally list hit the mark except for Beauty. Hopefully Dena fixes it for future events.

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    • No problem Blackbeauty.  I think everyone understand that this wasnt a normal event situation and regarding the terrible login issues we shouldnt take this event performance that serious.

      Im sure next event you will do a good performance again.

      Notwithstanding the above we had the last 3 events underperforming members.

      I think a fair way to take care of that would be:

      From the next event on every member that missed the required points for more then 5% will be on probation.

      If he fails a second time the name is put on the inactive list as underperformed.

      To get back into the team he had to do the recruiting process again whilst he have to find a member that allies him and vouch for his performance after the event.

      What do you think?

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    • Hi team C. I've declared team C for this coming Tower event. I would gladly like to ally with anyone who declared in this team also. So far, my list goes:

         ALLIES      STATUS
      1 Purp13Kn1f3  Confirmed
      2 Jeglegator  Confirmed
      3 mastersinomi  Confirmed
      4 pdrwlesi  Confirmed
      5 Swinkel  Confirmed
      6 Aryapp  Confirmed
      7 Neville3010  Pending
      8 penzho  Pending
      9 reserved
      10 alt
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    • Markgeraldave wrote:
      Hi team C. I've declared team C for this coming Tower event. I would gladly like to ally with anyone who declared in this team also. So far, my list goes:
         ALLIES      STATUS
      1 Purp13Kn1f3  Confirmed
      2 Neville3010  Pending
      3 penzho  Pending
      4 pdrwlesi  Pending
      9 reserved
      10 alt

      @Jeglegator & @Derrick1980, I will send ally request to you guys. Thanks!

      you can add my alt as well :)

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    • @Jeglegator  i cant search your IGN is game, maybe you're in full cap.

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    • @Jeglegator, I believe both your accounts are full already. Can't seem to find you.

      @krhan10, I've already sent ally request mate.

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    • done, you can add my main and alt now

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    • @Jeglegator both sent.

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    • ok

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    • Count me in mark.

      Jeglegator wich ign u'll play?

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    • both

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    • jeglegator, still got some space? Still got all ally spaces free. :)

      I'm currently trying to change my avatar from Team V to Team C but it somehow does not change. Any ideas?

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    • Hop-cat wrote:
      jeglegator, still got some space? Still got all ally spaces free. :)

      I'm currently trying to change my avatar from Team V to Team C but it somehow does not change. Any ideas?

      8 slots left, both

      before you change it, log out first, log in, change, log out again, then log in again

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    • purpl3 you full?

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    • ya, im full n i manage to add 1 of yours only, sorry :(

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    • ^ok nvm

      btw 1 spot left in my alt

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    • Results 3h 13m 37s before end of event:

      My points: 2.860.875

      Allies shared:

      alert88: 501.247

      Purp13Kn1f3: 525.978

      mastersinomi: 522.414

      jeglegator: 490.245

      Neville3010: 474239

      spartanic18: 469.972

      MatmatPatitoy06: 369.534

      markgeraldave: 308.691

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    • Don't know exactly how many points I got but I fear not enough. The vault was way harder than before and I ran out of elixirs two days ago. Sorry mates :/

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    • I had that difficulty too, lucky for me I had over 250 elixirs, spent almost half of them.

      This vault is a lot harder but gives way more points. Guess dena's making vault for L brigs...

      I'm still waiting for results but I'm guessing I made around 350k shared

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    • I agree the vault was harder. I had to use several elixers this time as well. I still had 900+ elixers that I had absolutely no use for up to now :P Except for the free L I don't have any L's in my team but I ended up using 30-50 I think.

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    • Anyone who had allied with me? Could you let me know my shared points? Thanks!

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    • @Derrick 1980  369,5638

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    • Purp13Kn1f3 wrote:
      @Derrick 1980  369,5638

      Thanks a lot!

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    • you're welcome :)

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    • @Derrick Rlsf posted in Team B's thread that you shared 424,168 ;)

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    • Swinkel wrote:
      @Derrick Rlsf posted in Team B's thread that you shared 424,168 ;)

      Thanks.. at least i performed quite ok

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    • With about 3 hours to go:

      Fangoram 429.773 (Team V)
      Mastersinomi 419.531 (Team C)
      MeBibi 342.796 (Team V)
      Swinkel 251k (Team V)
      pdrwlesi 191.491 (Team V)

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    • Swinkel, I think I made 200k since I added you on the 2nd day of the event, if I'm not mistaken :P

      Still nice for team v.

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    • You are right, this is what my screens shows after I have added you the 2nd day :)

      We're pretty crazy in Team V :o)

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    • Sorry i forgot to screen cap about the point but i'm sure about all WWW member who've been allied with me last tower are doing great, they share above minimum point, near . Special thanks to Purp13Kn1f3 you share so much point bro, around 1.2k, and sorry i can't contribute enough point for you. XD

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    • u're welcome bro. its ok, im very happy to get 7 Hoska :)

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    • SD24 Allies shared points for both accounts:

      Rlsf - 459349

      Jeglegator (Jeglegator) - 446107

      Jeglegator (mastersinomi) - 423739

      monroegery - 332886

      Neville3010 - 311327

      MatthieuNoel - 324958

      Markgeraldave - 321016

      Penzho - 317391

      Krushaking - 306306

      MatmatPatitoy06 - 269334

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    • Please notice that the team logo colours have changed.

      If you still use the blue flame change it to Purple Flame for Team V or Grey Flame for completely sitting out.


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    • Hey loan, I just realised that in the google sheet, I have the color from team C but I was team V.

      Could you fix that please? Or anyone that can.


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    • I have updated the color Pdrwlesi :)

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    • Swinkel you was faster :D

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    • I would like to join this group in my test run for the next Tower and / or Raid event. Let me know if you need further info, or if I need to submit ally requests.

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    • Team C as always. Ready to join the rooster.

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    • I'm joining Team C.

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    • Just to remind, I'm declaring team C but probably will do team B requirements.

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    • Joining Team C this Tower Event.

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    • @krhan10 joining team C

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    • I'm joining Team C as well. I will aim for 300-350k, but in case I like the fam I might push harder :)

      My final list:

      1. markgeraldave
      2. Matmatpatitoy06
      3. pdrwlesi
      4. BiackBeauty
      5. Jeglegator
      6. mastersinomi
      7. tolot78
      8. Aryapp
      9. Blu3 Phoenix
      10. My alt

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    • @Derrick1980 & @Monroegery, guys, you haven't declared on Event Declaration Thread yet?

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    • Sure swinkel.

      Edit: I saw I already have over the allowed allies. I'll make later a list of who I'll be adding. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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    • Confirmed both account Cap! ^_^

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    • @Swinkel sure, will save a spot for you :)

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    • Joining Team C as well. :)

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    • Will be on Team C ... now 12 accounts in the list. Which one should i exclude?

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    • @Lesjakes, you could exclude any of my account because I have 2. No problem. ^_^

      My list for both account:

      Ally #    Wiki Name    IGN    Shared Points    Declared Status   
      1 Swinkel -Swinkel- Team C
      2 Jeglegator Jeglegator Team C
      3 Jeglegator mastersinomi Team C
      4 Aryapp akuarya Team C
      5 BiackBeauty BIackBeauty Team C
      6 Lesjakes Tolot78 trial run
      7 Blu3 Phoenix ggvicc trial run
      8 MatthieuNoel MatthieuNoel undeclared
      9 Krushaking krushaking undeclared
      10 Monroegery monroegery undeclared
      ** markgeraldave markgeraldave Team C
      ** markgeraldave MatmatPatitoy06 Team C
      Mixed allies from both account. Let's go Team C!
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    • I will send invites to all accounts i ve in my ally list ... this are so far :

      Ally #     Wiki Name     IGN     Shared Points     Declared Status    
      1 Cenobite6sic6 cenobite6sic6 Team C
      2 Mikolajnowako mikolajnowako Team C
      3 Simhanseah simhanseah Team C
      4 Simhanseah metalbone2001 Team C
      5 Jeglegator mastersinomi Team C
      6 Markgeraldave markgeraldave Team C
      7 Markgeraldave MatmatPatitoy06 Team C
      8 entherprise entherprise Team C
      9 Swinkel -Swinkel- Team C
      10 Blu3 Phoenix ggvicc Team C
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    • Accepted Lesjakes :) I will save a spot for you.

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    • accepted

      also, you can add jeglegator now

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    • Can I please have ally? I already registered

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    • Mark and Les do u still have a slot? I would like to join pls

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    • Swinkle I will add u. Add me GGVICC

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    • Atm my list is as follow:






      kevdisaur  ???

      tobisengir666 ???

      Shgu  ???


      non www ally ???    (or Team C member)

      The ??? are still waiting confirmation.

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    • pdr want to ally me?

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    • jeglegator and mastersinomi have still not accepted ...

      Request for ggvicc is send. Fastest wins the slot ...

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    • @Blu3 Phoenix, just sent invite on both my accounts.

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    • @lesjakes: i accidentally accept wrong player, is your IGN tolot78?

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    • yes ... lesjakes is main for PvP ... tolot78 is the tower/raid account ...

      But lesjakes will as well make a few points ;-)

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    • sent to both mark and jeg

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    • ok then

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    • I wanna join Team C. I will accept every ally requests, utill I am full. I am aiming for 200-300k shared points. IGN: mikolajnowako

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    • Mikolajnowako would like to take a trial run as well. His IGN is mikolajnowako.

      @Mikolajnowako Please note that the minimum requirement for this tower is 300k (its higher due to the longer duration of 7 days). If you are still interested to join us on trial make sure you share 300k or more. 

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    • I have 1 slot left and very confident to share more points

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    • Well I will play like 20h a day on tenth floor and I don't rly remember how much will it give me, but if I get less I will just use mandrakes :)

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    • If you play 20h a day on tenth floor I believe you will share more than to 500k :) But  it's the first time that it lasts for 7 days with the current vault format so we will see how everyone does :)

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    • @jegle I'm farming this one, are you struggling for allies if so I will add

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    • man im so screwed for this event, there goes my Hlokk and the new event never gonna add random ppl with so called high ranks again...i looked at the previous event and current event ranking n they were good...but most of them are a bunch of leechers not really that great myself but so far i've gotten 75k and shared 8k while my top runner has 190k but only shared 4k.......NICE...

      gonna make sure i add ppl from the forum next time.....

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    • @deefin: nope, i'm full

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    • @Moritsuzune It's only the beginning of the event and hope for you they will start sharing more later on. That is actually the foundation of our group, friendly and reliable players that you can depend on, giving you a stable amount of ally points ;)

      If you are interested in joining our group please check out the Recruitment Thread.

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    • Hey guys, can one of you, my allies, let me know how many points I have shared thusfar? I have not collected any of my allies shared points at this time and currently ranked 2326. Thx.

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    • Cenobite6sic6 wrote:
      Hey guys, can one of you, my allies, let me know how many points I have shared thusfar? I have not collected any of my allies shared points at this time and currently ranked 2326. Thx.

      U shared 61488 points :)

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    • Thank you! If I start collecting my allies shared points, does that get shared with my allies as well, or just the points I earn on my own?

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    • Cenobite6sic6 wrote:
      Thank you! If I start collecting my allies shared points, does that get shared with my allies as well, or just the points I earn on my own?

      These shared points are your points so if you start collecting it wont be shared to your allies again.

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    • I only have 2 HB to use in this event... what would be the best place to use them so I maximize the points I share with my allies?

      (also if any of my allies could tell me how many points I've shared, that'd be great!)

      oh and one more question- is there any sort of rule or general practice about collecting shared points? Do people usually wait until the end, or can you collect them as you like?

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    • HB should be on one of the last bosses in Vault of Trials ... gives the most points ...

      Event login gives a HB on day 5 ... then you have 3 ;-)

      U ve shared 52,562 points so far.

      I usally don't collect the points at all. I let Dena collect them and let them surprise me with my final ranking. ;-) But i believe this depends on everybody personally and i have not heard on a rule for this.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks so much! I'm all new to this so I just want to be sure I'm doing everything correctly :)

        Loading editor
    • Ally #    

      Wiki Name      IGN      Shared Points      Declared Status     
      1 Cenobite6sic6 cenobite6sic6 366,615 Team C
      2 Mikolajnowako mikolajnowako 390,059 Team C
      3 Simhanseah simhanseah 514,589 Team C
      4 Simhanseah metalbone2001 462,484 Team C
      5 Jeglegator mastersinomi 350,469 Team C
      6 Markgeraldave markgeraldave 712,857 Team C
      7 Markgeraldave MatmatPatitoy06 436,922 Team C
      8 entherprise entherprise 220,247 Team C
      9 Swinkel -Swinkel- 645,711 Team C
      10 Blu3 Phoenix ggvicc 581,120 Team C

      As it seems that it is interesting for everybody will i update the shared points in the above list every day now.

      UPDATE: With 19 hours still on the clock

      Does anyone have spare elxiers? My secondary account is not that developed that i can manage the complete vault without them. I have spend 150 off so far i believe. My main will support with 30 off daily but this will be not enough for the complete day. Will be on the 10th floor the complete day and see what i can get for a few trades. You should notice my Rifts. ;-)

        Loading editor
    • Lesjakes wrote:
      {| class="article-table sortable jquery-tablesorter"

      |- ! class="headerSort" style="text-align:center;cursor:pointer;" title="Sort ascending"| Ally #     ! class="headerSort" style="text-align:center;cursor:pointer;" title="Sort ascending"|Wiki Name      ! class="headerSort" style="text-align:center;cursor:pointer;" title="Sort ascending"|IGN      ! class="headerSort" style="text-align:center;cursor:pointer;" title="Sort ascending"|Shared Points      ! class="headerSort" style="text-align:center;cursor:pointer;" title="Sort ascending"|Declared Status      |- |1 |Cenobite6sic6 |cenobite6sic6 |121,278 |Team C |- |2 |Mikolajnowako |mikolajnowako |124,729 |Team C |- |3 |Simhanseah |simhanseah |40,173 |Team C |- |4 |Simhanseah |metalbone2001 |38,098 |Team C |- |5 |Jeglegator |mastersinomi |50,344 |Team C |- |6 |Markgeraldave |markgeraldave |118,894 |Team C |- |7 |Markgeraldave |MatmatPatitoy06 |93,129 |Team C |- |8 |entherprise |entherprise |110,211 |Team C |- |9 |Swinkel | -Swinkel- |121,157 |Team C |- |10 |Blu3 Phoenix |ggvicc |96,340 |Team C |}

      As it seems that it is interesting for everybody will i update the shared points in the above list every day now.

      Today i will enter Vault of Trials ... i will catch up guys ^^. ;-)

      When does the 1.5 exp bonus ends? I still like to level my fams ...

      It should end later today or tomorrow.

      I am waiting for the double vanquish points before going to the vault. :)

        Loading editor
    • When will this double vanquish points usually come? Any estimates with the longer event duration?

        Loading editor
    • I'm sorry guys, but I believe there's no more Double Vanquish points for quite a while now. The last time DVP for Tower was last year I guess. No more DVP now, unless they would bring it back now.

        Loading editor
    • Ok my bad. Was there a double capture points in the last tower event?

        Loading editor
    • None so far. What you have now is what you'll get. Maybe they will increase Rift World Spawn rate and duration by last 2 days or so. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Thanks for updating the table Lesjakes :) 

      It's fun to see everyone's progress... Mmmh.. Got outscored by Mark again, dammit :P

      PS I have sent you 30 elixers

        Loading editor
    • Captain, I was actually slowing down for a while now. My wife and I went out shopping and for a dinner last night. And we'll go out again later. Good thing I only have to play 5-10minutes every 2.5 hours for now. I'm just saving more Tower coins now to make points outburst in last 2 days of the event. So, better watch out. Har! Har! Har!

      @Lesjakes, if you're running out of Elixers, you could skip the L Tower Boss. It's only around 36k right? Check out which L boss you could kill easily and stick with it.

      Good luck Team C! I'll catch up and lead again Captain! This is war! Hahaha!

        Loading editor
    • Thx Swinkel ! Greatly appreciated!

      I have already made a small analaysis and we face 3 types of L opponents: 

      Zagan with Sonic Boom = Physicall damage (unfortnately i have no jester and no bulwark on this account therefore i will skip him) Tannin and Sea Serpent with Freezing Scales and Ice Wall = Breath damage (i have bought Automaton and put in reserve) Manannan with Fragarach should be magic damage (i have bought Yulia and put in reserve)

      Will find out if tomorrow less elixiers are required. If not i will skip this L Tower guys ...

        Loading editor
    • I was doing pretty well, but now getting low on elixers and still have 3.5 days left. Never thought to skip out on the final boss in the Vault of Trial, so I will remember that next time.

        Loading editor
    • Well tomorrow I will be gone most of the day with my wife and son. But I will do my best to play anyway so I won't be too far off :P The natural regen war is on hahaha

        Loading editor
    • Yeah me too. I hardly have any time to play on the weekends. I will get on at some point and run a few vault of trials though.

        Loading editor
    • 43 tower coins rdy for use :3 

        Loading editor
    • @swinkel - Thanks for the elixers. This will help, much appreciated! 

        Loading editor
    • Your welcome cenobite ;)

      o.O 43 coins nice! I have .. 1.

        Loading editor
    • I have about 40 coins as well... this weekend is going to be vault all the way for me. Same for me with elixers... I made a few runs and daaaang. I'll definitely try skipping the last boss though!

      And thanks for updating the table lesjakes! <3

        Loading editor
    • Table is updated!

      It seems that breath ward and magic ward 2 only proc when they are not required. O_o On the other hand are the tower bosses procing rates like maddness ... Would be interesting to know if the % is changed during tower.

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    • @Lesjakes, thanks for updating the table. Here is yours by the way, 363824 (2 days, 10 hours, 30mins remaining)

      @Swinkel, hey Captain, it seems we already both made 150% of Team C required points. Can we make a truce and call it a tie? Just kidding. But, can we call it a day? We both do need to farm hard to get ready for our Team A+ run this raid. ^_^

        • UPDATE: Just went to main map and there's no 1.5 xp bonus yet. So, I guess I'll just aim for 600k ATM.
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    • Wow u guys are awesome! I wish I realise this system earlier! hate leechers

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    • Lesjakes wrote:
      Table is updated!

      It seems that breath ward and magic ward 2 only proc when they are not required. O_o On the other hand are the tower bosses procing rates like maddness ... Would be interesting to know if the % is changed during tower.

      For me they have more than 50%... and mine like 20% rly devs should say: " we increase bosses proc rate by xx for the event duration" its not fucking fair

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    • Mikolajnowako wrote:

      For me they have more than 50%... and mine like 20% rly devs should say: " we increase bosses proc rate by xx for the event duration" its not fucking fair

      @Mikolajnowako, I know we are all grown ups here. But, a little tone on language please. Thank you!

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    • Entherprise wrote:
      I have about 40 coins as well... this weekend is going to be vault all the way for me. Same for me with elixers... I made a few runs and daaaang. I'll definitely try skipping the last boss though!

      And thanks for updating the table lesjakes! <3

      Table is updated.

      @Entherprise: No points since yesterday, did you gave up on the event?

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    • @Lesjakes Sorry man, the real world called :( But I have 70 tower coins and no plans today so here goes nothing!

        Loading editor
    • Hey, table updated! Thanks @Lesjakes

      Please don't forget to SS or write down all the shared points of your ally before event ends. That is all that matters. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • hi guys... anyone still got free slots? I got some empty ally slot... currently at ard 3m solo points

        Loading editor
    • @Entherprise: Np, just wondering about ur statement and your point development. ;-) I ve 2 kids at home and real world is calling very often. ^^

      @Mark: Event ends at 05:00 a.m. local time. I will have my alarm set to 04:30... i hope i get the screens done ;-)

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    • @Lesjakes, I believe table now is not accurate? My alt MatmatPatitoy06 already was 400k yesterday right? Thanks! ^_^

        Loading editor
    • It looks like almost everyone is already at the targets. Great job everyone :)

      @Mark Yeah, you definitely won bro. This weekend was quite busy, enjoying family time with the tropical temperatures that we have at the moment. You are right and I should already have been farming by now haha. I will also aim for 600k and then call it a day and farm.

      @Blue Good that you have found us eventually. The ally points make quite a difference with the rankings and rewards that you get :)

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    • corrected!

      Btw: Did i make the 500k already? Could someone update me? ;-) Thx!

        Loading editor
    • Lesjakes wrote:

      Btw: Did i make the 500k already? Could someone update me? ;-) Thx!

      Ur account tolot78 shared 560563 points. :)

        Loading editor
    • @Lesjakes, yup tolot78 did share 560k ATM. Congrats mate!

      @Swinkel, well, its not about winning captain. Its about what I could share to the team. But yeah, I won! Ahahahahaha, just kidding. Can you believe we are on Team C? Anyway, let's go hard again for Team A+ right cap. Lets get another L to WWW Team. I hope it won't be Agi elite. I got 600 bugles now on MatmatPatitoy06, hopefully before PvP start it can go to 650. Farm for first days of PvP and go hard in the end to get atleast 1.35 title but will aim for 1.5. I'll probably burn around 200 bugles total to get that 1.5.

      Congrats to all trial runners. And @entherprise, there is still more time left. Please try to get the required shared points. Congrats everyone!

        Loading editor
    • @Mark Yeah it's about sharing to the team. BUT next time I will get even with you.. and WIN hahaha. All in good sport :P I sure hope the elites will not be agi based either, I have a ATK/WIS brigade. I have 558 bugles right now and hope to get 600 before PVP. Last time I ended up with only 1.2 title.. and that didn't work out that well :P I will aim for anything higher than that and just hope that it doesn't cost me too many bugles to achieve it. 

        Loading editor
    • looks like we all looking forward once again for Team A+ SRB :D

        Loading editor
    • Yes @Purp13Kn1f3, we all are looking forward for our next WWW Team A+ SRB L-chase. We are counting on WWW Team A+ members to bring home another victory! I'm too excited to chase for our next L. ^_^

      @Swinkel, yup! All in good sport captain. Actually, because of our peaceful nat.regen war, I got excited playing Tower again. I was actually bored playing earlier. I really was just planning on farming to get ready for PvP to get good title, but this happen. Thanks Cap! 800k, almost there!

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    • Are we with this points below rank 1000? This would be my best tower run ever ... (Some anno has stated this in the SD25 wiki entry) 

        Loading editor
    • With your amount of points together with all our ally points I do believe you will get below rank 1000 Lesjakes :)

      I really planned on farming as well Mark but I liked the reward and a little competition does make it more fun to push :) I have just started farming, already received my first 2 bugles. I know I will need them...

      I look forward to it as well Purple :)

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    • What the ...!? First time ever I get automatically logged out. Above is me.

        Loading editor
    • I have (on 2 accounts) 4 EP4 Kingclaws (which makes it to 32 catched R1 ...) and 8 R1 Alma's which will be a PE later ... nice event ;-)

      I believe i will start the farming as well now ...

        Loading editor
    • Finally ran out of tower coins. This will be my best tower run for my both accounts. Usually I stop halfway as it gets boring after 3 to 4 days.  :)

        Loading editor
    • With 2 hours and 30 minutes remaining to event ends:

      My list for both account:

      Ally #     Wiki Name      IGN      Shared Points      Declared Status     
      1 Swinkel -Swinkel- 667540 Team C
      2 Jeglegator Jeglegator 469547 Team C
      3 Jeglegator mastersinomi 429006 Team C
      4 Aryapp akuarya 396659 Team C
      5 BiackBeauty BIackBeauty 478794 Team C
      6 Lesjakes Tolot78 580156 trial run
      7 Blu3 Phoenix ggvicc 639246 trial run
      8 MatthieuNoel MatthieuNoel 633721 undeclared
      9 Krushaking krushaking 548902 undeclared
      10 Monroegery monroegery 468256 undeclared
      ** markgeraldave markgeraldave 818669 Team C
      ** markgeraldave MatmatPatitoy06 438623 Team C
      Mixed allies from both account. Congrats Team C! Well done!
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    • How come I cannot search some IGN account like -Swinkel- or krushaking? 

        Loading editor
    • I do not see my name in the list. Did I share enough to be a member of your clan?

      Screenshot 2014-07-21-21-26-49
        Loading editor
    • cenobite6sic6- 428566

      mikolajnowako- 509215

      simhanseah- 657526


      Tolot78- 588546

      with 14 minutes remaining... I JUST got home from work because of traffic so I'm grinding out these last few minutes.

      edit: I captured a vault boss literally in the last few seconds of the event my heart is POUNDING but I got screenshots of the points if anyone needed them.

        Loading editor
    • @Mark, i believe i've declare i'm on Team C on post above, well never mind.

      So here's quick review of sharing point (15 minutes before event endings):

      1. Purp13Kn1f3 ===> 1.389.116

      2. markgeraldave ===> 818.669

      3. MatthieuNoel ===> 553.947

      4. Jeffjway ===> 553.947

      5. jeglegator ===> 469.283

      6. alert88 ===> 417.853

      7. MatmatPatitoy06 ===> 438.623

      8.  ssFastEddiess ===> 45.333 (undeclare, consider it Team V, no problem with it)

      9. another ally (Aleksmik)

      10. another ally (White4ngelz)

      Thank you very much team... You Rock !!!

        Loading editor
    • 10mins before the event ends.

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-10-50-14
      Screenshot 2014-07-22-10-50-25
      Screenshot 2014-07-22-10-50-31
      Screenshot 2014-07-22-10-50-42
      Screenshot 2014-07-22-10-52-35
        Loading editor
    • With 30 secs to go,

      cenobite6sic6 shared 429,837 simhanseah shared 657,802 Swinkel shared 667,540 metalbone2001 shared 589,564 jeglegator shared 469,283 mastersinomi shared 428,714 matmatpatitoy06 shared 438,623

      thanks everyone!

        Loading editor
    • Here are my screens (with 15 minutes to go):

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-04-35-31

      cenobite6sic6 429,837 markgeraldave 818,669

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-04-35-47

      mikolajnowako 514,824 simhanseah 635,979

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-04-36-01

      -Swinkel- 667,540 ggvicc 639,396

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-04-36-13

      metalbone2001 589,312 MatmatPatitoy06 438,623

      Screenshot 2014-07-22-04-45-27

      mastersinomi 428,101 entherprise 279,035

      Impressive event and with the correct allies you can come very far ...

      I will be on holiday in August therefore i believe will miss part of next raid but i will be on board for next tower. ;-)

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    • Good job everyone, and thanks for posting the scores!

      @Monroegery You are right, But for next time this is the correct thread to declare your team: Decleration Thread

      @Simhanseah When someone's ally list is full they don't show up in the search list. So thanks for reminding me :) I always aim to have 49 allies so people can still find me and each event have to make room again.

      Everyone seems to have made it, including you Cenobite ;) 

      I will update everyone scores and include all the trial members today. I'm at work but will do my best to update everything... but maybe with a small delay.

      Update: Well it seems everyone except Entherprise. Unless you have allied Lesjakes at a later stage when you already had shared 20k. Even though I don't understand that you didn't push a little bit harder when you are on trial I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Next time please start using the tower coins earlier instead of saving them up to 70 and then go through the vault at the end of the event. That is where easy big points are earned even if you skip the last L boss. Because I'm confident you will do better next event I will add you as well, but under the condition that you meet the target. I hope you understand my point of view.

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    • So am I a permanent member of Team C now? Would this be the same as for Raid?

        Loading editor
    • Yes you are Cenobite :) What do you expect to score with raid?

        Loading editor
    • Awesome, thanks! Raid is typically my best event. Although I will play the next Raid, I may be farming, as I am getting low on resources.

        Loading editor
    • @Monroegery, yes I did notice you declare here. But next time, we would appreciate it if you please declare in WWW Declaration Thread. Thank you. And great work Team C!

      @Cenobite and all new WWW members, if you have time, could you please look into WWW Rules and Procedures so you could have an idea on which team you could declare on upcoming events. Please be mindful in declaring your team. It is better to do more than what you declare rather than to miss or come short on points.

        Loading editor
    • @Swinkel thank you for the benefit of the doubt. This event I just struggled with poor planning, and ended up rushing for points in the last ~20 minutes of the event but that isn't normally the case for me. And raid is usually my best event so I hope I can prove myself to you guys then!

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    • Wow :D

      Great scores all of you contributed. I wished i could have played this one too.

        Loading editor
    • Cap'n. Wolf, would you like to go with us on Team A+ for raid?

        Loading editor
    • Ahoi Mark :D

      I would but its a matter of time. If the event is placed on some free days im with you.

        Loading editor
    • Oh, okay Cap'n. Wolf. Well, it would be great if we will have you on Team A+. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • ME ME ME! Team C!

        Loading editor
    • team C, both

        Loading editor
    • To all Tower Team C member for August 2014,

      As part of my 1st year anniversary playing BB, I want to celebrate it with you guys by having a little challenge. I started playing BB about a year ago, I think it was Siege Tourney 2. I still got my Ye Xing, the Courtesan II elite and also Sayuri, Geisha as Invitation gift.

      And now for the fun part, the challenge. I would like to make this run with you guys a little more fun and challenging because that takes the boring part out of Tower Event. Here's the challenge:

      Only Team C player who originally declared Team C are included to join. We must only use Natural Regen only for this run (flexible to 5MD or 30MD leafs + the login Bloodbound HB only). No cheating guys. Lol. Anyone who get more shared points than me on my highest sharing account will get a prize. Which means, you must make more points against both of my accounts to win. And the prizes are;

      If only 1 player was ahead of me - 30 MD

      If 2 player was ahead of me - 15 MD each

      If 3 or more player was ahead of me - 10 MD each

      I know it is not that much, but hey, I'm not a Rich Snotty guy who could giveaway too many resources. Lol. Also, I don't like to see this as me being cocky, just want to have fun with my giveaways! Goodluck guys and see you on Tower! ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Oh, great idea mark. Thx for the motivation :D

      Does this mean we have to beat the total shared of both of your accounts or only the higher sharing one?

        Loading editor
    • Loan Deranger wrote:
      Oh, great idea mark. Thx for the motivation :D

      Does this mean we have to beat the total shared of both of your accounts or only the higher sharing one?

      It would be totally unfair to you guys if you have to beat the total shared of both my accounts. You only have to beat the higher sharing account. Goodluck Cap'n. Wolf!

      And in addition, I'll add 8GH if anyone would make TWICE the shared points of my highest account (which is actually not possible unless you'll use more than the allowed resources). So, no cheating please, this is for fun only. ^_^

      Only the first 11 players who declare Team C is included. 1 more spot remaining!

      1. BiackBeauty

      2. Bioface

      3. Hawkt

      4. Jeglegator

      5. Jeglegator

      6. Markgeraldave

      7. Markgeraldave

      8. Mikolajnowako

      9. Mogaekdb 

      10. Pdrwlesi 

        Loading editor
    • Sorry Mark,

      i cant dedicate my whole weekend to this. I leave the place for someone else and going with team V. But i love the idea and like the motivational boost for the group.

      Good luck to all participants :D

        Loading editor
    • i'm going for team V, with an effort for minimum team C. I was too tired cuz my work on office, not much time to sleep. #__#

        Loading editor
    • Team C pls add my alternate acc vic-5137. Trial run

        Loading editor
    • thx Mark, that would be a great motivation :D

        Loading editor
    • Awesome idea Mark! And congrats on your 1st anniversary :)

      ... hmmm he's able to give away so many MD's.. he must be freakin' rich!*

        Loading editor
    • I'm team V this tower, but I still have 3 ally slots open if anyone still has some to fill.

        Loading editor
    • I didn't ss because I was too sleepy and 4h+ before the end of event. Most of you would still make more points.

      At that time I was just behind bioface in own points. Rushed and was able to spend all my tower coins before going to sleep.

        Loading editor
    • From about 90 minutes to end of event.

      IGN Wiki Name Shared Points Declared Team
      markgeraldave Markgeraldave 251,435 C
      pdrwlesi Pdrwlesi 241,078 C
      Bioface Bioface 233,249 C
      TheGrayMage62 Derric.chong 238,267 V
      krushaking krushaking 256,231 B
      tfmrbajo Tfmrbajo1 207,689 Undeclared
      krush79 krushaking 189,187 Undeclared
      sweisdapro Sweisdapro 937 Undeclared
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    • @Markgeraldave I actually wasn't aware of your little 'event' as i hadn't been following the team C board. Luckily i really wasn't planning to use resources so I believe i still 'qualify' assuming of course I managed to best any of your shared totals :P. My last Check of shared points was over an hour before end of event and I didn't ally Matmat so will just have to see if I managed it :P

      For reference here were the resources that I DID use - HB - 0 MD - 0 MD Leaf - around 15...just whatever i got as rewards during this event. I wasn't fully keeping track but I know i didn't use many.

        Loading editor
    • What ranks and prizes (number of R1s) do the C Team usually achieve? Thinking of joining the next Tower. Managed to share just over 200k this tower event. Thanks.

      And what about the B Team? Thanks.

        Loading editor
    • Well prize wise I know the reward system has just changed in BB as far as what they're giving for ranks.  I ended at rank 3000ish for this past tower which seems about normal.  Higher teams average higher ranks of course.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks Hawkt.

        Loading editor
    • I ran with Team B with natural regen and ended up with rank 1703. Average shared amount on Team B was about 275-300k (requirement 250k). 

        Loading editor
    • @Hawkt, of course you are qualified. I did make the list earlier. Anyway, looking at the team C members you've allied with, I guess no one still won it. I'll just wait for you, jeg and biackbeauty shares.

      BTW, my account Matmat is out of the challenge bro, I moved it to Team S/X. And that is the reason why I haven't given much focus on my Team C run. Hope some one would win guys. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Thanks Swinkel.

        Loading editor
    • Sorry one more. What's the points requirement for Team A and what ranks do they usually get? Thanks. Want to see which one I fit into.

      EDIT sorry should have posted on the Team A thread. But too late!

        Loading editor
    • SenRyu wrote:
      Sorry one more. What's the points requirement for Team A and what ranks do they usually get? Thanks. Want to see which one I fit into.

      EDIT sorry should have posted on the Team A thread. But too late!

      Actually, you should post here bro:

      WWW Recruiting Thread

      And for the points requirements, check here:

      WWW Team Rules and Procedures

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    • Markgeraldave wrote:
      @Hawkt, of course you are qualified. I did make the list earlier. Anyway, looking at the team C members you've allied with, I guess no one still won it. I'll just wait for you, jeg and biackbeauty shares.

      BTW, my account Matmat is out of the challenge bro, I moved it to Team S/X. And that is the reason why I haven't given much focus on my Team C run. Hope some one would win guys. ^_^

      Hope your Team S/X run went well!!  According to google doc and posts someone had my share at 257k and jeg at 204k.  Not sure if jeg was running on his 2nd account too.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see :).

        Loading editor
    • Ahh... 10k below mark...

      I really thought I could do it but was too sleepy to go for another tower and vault run.

        Loading editor
    • Pdrwlesi wrote:
      Ahh... 10k below mark...

      I actually thought you would won Pdrwlesi. I fell asleep 3hrs before event ends. Event ends at 6AM here. We did got our L, I leeched from my team mates. I only made solo rank 330++ I guess, but final rank went upto 121. Thanks to all my team mates.

      @Hawkt, I'll give it a day to see if someone else made higher than me other than you, then I'll let you choose what you want bro. Who posted your shared points BTW? Saw it in Google Doc, but not in Team Thread. I'm glad someone won! ^_^

        Loading editor
    • @Mark Kevdisaur posted it on Team B Thread :)

      Hawkt was the only one posting scores so far for Team C :(

        Loading editor
    • @Mark thanks again for the mini-event.  Those drakes will come in mighty useful :).  Happy 1 year anniversary :).

        Loading editor
    • Hawkt wrote:
      @Mark thanks again for the mini-event.  Those drakes will come in mighty useful :).  Happy 1 year anniversary :).

      No problem bro! Thanks. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Hi guys,

      Demisp (IGN demisp2) would like to join us and would like to have a trial run. If anyone could ally with him/her that would be great.


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    • No demisp2 found. Ally list full?

        Loading editor
    • Hi guys!

      Ii cleared some room on my allies and send requests

        Loading editor
    • lesjakes , you should have a pending request :)

        Loading editor
    • Accepted!

        Loading editor
    • Moritsuzune has twice declined my ally request.

      Ally requests for Bioface, Herlambang99 and riku2reflxns are pending.

      Phieck and Purp13Kn1f3 have a full ally list.

      I have 2 remaining slots for this tower. Therefore gogogo. ;-)

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    • sorry for late announce. i'll go for team C.

        Loading editor
    • i got free slots... add me krhan10 if interested

        Loading editor
    • Hello, i would like to join team C for the trial run I got 5 free slots 


        Loading editor
    • Hi Phdantas,

      The correct procedure would have been to use the Recruitment Thread

      @Team C In case anyone still has free spots you are all free to add him of course and vouch for his performance :)

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    • i team sorry for late start still looking for allies

      ive picked upphdantas

        Loading editor
    • I'm still looking for allies.  I've cleared out some space in my normal ally list if you're not already there.  Add me if you've got room.

      IGN: maloneybw

        Loading editor
    • or rather i sent a request but it looks like hes fll


        Loading editor
    • so i have plenty of slots available. feel free to add me

        Loading editor
    • I sent you event ally req riku

        Loading editor
    • Ive sent a request for Maloneybw and Riku

        Loading editor
    • Ah sorry pH.... Didn't see your name on the Google doc so I think I denied it.  You can resend so you're on my list at least. 

        Loading editor
    • sent. @swinkel, since you already posted here, do i need to post there to register the trial

        Loading editor
    • After Hakwt's post I have added you to the tower roster. So you're already registered :)

      WWW Tower Roster

        Loading editor
    • Finally started doing vault today...holy crap they weren't messing around this time...i may actually have to spend some elixirs.

        Loading editor
    • Lol. I never even tried boss 7 at all. After boss 6, I just get the tower coins from the chest and withdraw. Haven't spent that much elixirs at all. Used only less than 5 elixirs for about 8 vault runs already. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Yes me too, eject after boss 6, no need to waste resources on the R reward fam. My atk L brig totally cant stand a chance against the 3 L bosses . :(

        Loading editor
    • Remember to grab the coin (chest before 7th boss) before the last boss before you bail though :)

        Loading editor
    • For me it's just that last round that kills me.  

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    • 10 minutes before the event ended.

      markgeraldave ( 598,966 pts )

      krhan10 ( 536,006 pts )

      matmatpatitoy06 ( 550,656 pts )

      monroegery ( 532,591 pts )

      bioface ( 484,414 pts )

      demisp2 ( 509,957 pts )

      maloneybw ( 480,997 pts )

      tolot78 ( 349,517 pts )

      phieck ( 268,193 pts )

      great job guys, everyone hit the target, appreciate to team up with you all, looking forward for the next time :)

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    • See you in SRB Team A+ Purp13Kn1f3. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Moritsuzune wrote:
      ally points 1hrs before end:

      1) ggvic - 735,904

      2) mogaekdb - 752,698

      3) herlambang99 - 657,130

      4) markgeraldave- 601,621

      5) shgu - 556,451

      6) MamatPatitoy06 - 550,656

      7) -Swinkel - 548,278

      8) Kevdisaur - 559,527

      9) Akuarya - 525,517

      10) Simhanseah - 496,942

      lol sorry i posted on the wrong team thread, should be in Team C a little confused -.-

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    • Markgeraldave wrote:
      See you in SRB Team A+ Purp13Kn1f3. ^_^

      im maybe farming in next SRB if the elite not ATK based. just maybe :)

        Loading editor
    • I was pushing up to the last minute trying to hit 500k which I thought was target.  I tried to get ss  at the very end but it kicked me out. I have screenshot of points but not shared points if anyone needs. 

        Loading editor
    • Noone has my score? There was a huge city party and missed like last 8h of event.

        Loading editor
    • very big sorry, i can't capture the image for very last time on event. i've tried to login but looks like i have a problem with the connection. but one thing for sure, all team member already pass their minimum requirement so it's no problem from me. Thank you very much to all team member, looking forward for our next event. :)

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    • Did anyone catch the shared amount of Demisp and Phdantas20?

        Loading editor
    • demisp2 ( 509,957 pts )

      fromPurp13Kn1f3 post above :)

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    • Swinkel wrote:
      Did anyone catch the shared amount of Demisp and Phdantas20?

      Hey Cap, look at Purp13Kn1f3's post. ^_^ I'm allied to Demisp also and I already put him in Team B. About Phdantas20, I have no idea at the moment. And regarding all my allies, I automatically update their shares to the Google Doc without posting here to prevent flooding. ^_^

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    • Awesome, thanks Mark :)

      Welcome to the Team Demisp! You are now a permanent member of Team B :)

      Does anyone have the points from Phdantas?

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    • Screenshot 2014-09-14-03-15-56
      I have this pic only.

      I think i donated nearly 350~400k (saw it on a dual acc, just forgot to take ss of it)

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    • I will be in Team C for the upcoming tower event .. I freed up some ally slots, so feel free to add me (or tell me to add you)

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    • You could add both my account bro. Looking forward in allying with you. Please check my profile or google doc for my IGN. Thanks! ^_^

        Loading editor
    • Phdantas20
      Phdantas20 removed this reply because:
      wrong place
      12:25, October 8, 2014
      This reply has been removed
    • Team C as always. :D

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    • Markgeraldave wrote:
      You could add both my account bro. Looking forward in allying with you. Please check my profile or google doc for my IGN. Thanks! ^_^

      I did, thanks

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    • I think I'll go with team C, still waiting to see if have enougth time since requirements have increased.

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    • Is there a way to change my ing avatar to the team C logo ?

      I downloaded the logo, but somehow it doesnt accept it ... maybe because i log in with my facebook account?

        Loading editor
    • Hrqls wrote:
      Is there a way to change my ing avatar to the team C logo ?

      I believe you already made the right procedure of changing the avatar. But sometimes, it really wasn't updated ASAP. Some say you have to restart your phone also. That's the reason I usually stay with Team A+ logo.

      Anyway, to be exact, try these:

      - click on your name on homepage (it will direct you to your profile)

      - on your profile, click the box for logo beside your title logo (violet *)

      - it will direct you to your mobage account. click change -> choose logo -> save changes -> click home (on top left)

      - try to exit -> restart your phone -> then login again

      Quite tasky right? ^_^

        Loading editor
    • ok, i did all that, except restarting my phone ... will restart it tonight :)

        Loading editor
    • Change the logo, logout and login again.

      When you change the logo it changes to everyone that logs after that, and remains the same for the others. It's a known bug that Dena does not care to fix.

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    • team c

        Loading editor
    • team C for me.

        Loading editor
    • I need some allies here guys, IGN: holynch

      many of you here have full ally slots already

        Loading editor
    • I still have 5 slots empty. Phdantas...reserve a spot for me! Thks!

      Team C for me this round. 

        Loading editor
    • added you, just waiting confirmation

        Loading editor
    • I have many slots still open as well

        Loading editor
    • Hello, i would like to joing team C for trial run

      IGN: allicolino

        Loading editor
    • @ Phdantas/Donjon/Alli: All added. Thanks guys!

        Loading editor
    • Still have 5 spots.

      Event Allies
      Ally Confirmed
      domdrake2010 Yes
      WakeUpMage Yes
      Holynch Yes
      allicolino No
      CorinCrow No
      --- ---
      --- ---
      --- ---
      --- ---
      --- ---
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    • Guys, please try to refrain from collecting your ally points. It would automatically collect at the end of the event anyway. Remember, we are not basing the team by the total points, we are focused on the shared points. I'm not saying that collecting ally points is not allowed in our team, it is just so you'll have an idea on how much you made already. Thank you! ^_^

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    • i really hope i can make to 300K shared points.

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    • Full list

      1. CorinCrow 2. domdrake2010 3. akuarya 4. allicolino (trial) 5. Donjon56 6. Non www 7. Non www 8. Non www 9. Non www 10. Non www

      I already fell bad for 2 of my non www allies

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    • GO GO TEAM C!!!

      half way to 300K shared points.

        Loading editor
    • Bagdemagu wrote:
      GO GO TEAM C!!!

      half way to 300K shared points.

      We only need 225k for Team C shared requirements. But 300k sounds great too. ^_^

        Loading editor
    • seriously? so i think i misread something LOL but still, i'll try to reach 300K shared points.

        Loading editor
    • after 2mil pts i cant see any reason to go on , no reward or somthing like that......  but i have nothing else to do :D so i'll try to reach 300k or more too. cheers ;) next event maybe i'll try team B or A coz that way i have something to fight for and a goal to reach till the last day of event :)

        Loading editor
    • Guess I should have declared Team C instead of V...3.5M and counting...  :)

        Loading editor
    • LOL you did even better than me in team C.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, but I'm just about out of elixirs.  People aren't buying my old familiars fast enough.  :)

        Loading editor
    • LOL, this tower make me spend a lot of elixirs. vlad did it to me.

        Loading editor
    • I think it's srak doing it to me (the guy in the middle).  But yeah, vlad's a pain too.

        Loading editor
    • Morning all. Will catch up today! ;-)

        Loading editor
    • LuxCal wrote:
      Guess I should have declared Team C instead of V...3.5M and counting...  :)

      Me too. Declared farming but somehow got past the Team C requirements :D

        Loading editor
    • I wonder what my shared points are .. could any of my allies please let me know?

      I got 6205762 points now, of which 3636016 from allies, which means i made 2569746 by myself

      I would like to know the factor of my shared part :)

        Loading editor
    • My allies shared atm: (16h till end)

      hrqls 335.350

      stevetut 355.703

      jeglegator 348.810

      aventus72 310.807

      bagdemagu 273.730

      mastersinomi 251.050

      tolot78 183.514

      cenobite 92.148

      kevinau2 56.003

      hrqls, you share 10% of your normal points and 30% from captures. Since your capture is random you can't tell how much you shared other than from an ally.

        Loading editor
    • I know, but just to get a feeling

      i will probably get same ratio of captures over the whole event as usual, so the % is probably the same for over the whole event as well ... plus or minus a bit

      as long as i dont change my play style in tower events it will probably be around 13% in the next tower events as well which is nice to know :)

      (unless dena changes something drastically, for example lvl 15 towers again, or weaker end bosses in the vault :))


        Loading editor
    • In my experience the capture goes up on the last days which translates for me in a similiar rate then yours as i run the vault mostly on the last day.

        Loading editor
    • i keep my tower coins for the last 2 days because of the bonus % and form then on capture all bosses and rifts as well .. if i have a lot of hb then i will capture earlier of course, but most on the last 2 days .. so 13% seems quite realistic to keep in mind

      thanks for the confirmation :)

        Loading editor
    • 50 minutes to the end of the event

      Here's the following shared points of each one of my www allies

      CorinCrow - 904533 / Akuarya - 485614 / Domdrake - 397927 / Donjon56 - 298783 / Allicolino - 253310 /

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    • 15 mins before end of event: 

      simhanseah (Team V) - 404,559 
      metalbone2001 (Team V) - 422,111
      calu93 (Team B ) - 712,627
      kevinau2 (Team V) - 57,205
      cenobite6sic6 (Team V) - 101,774 

        Loading editor
    • 5 minutes before end:

      Corincrow (team B) 891809

      Donjon56 (teamB) 322483

      holynch (team B) 260616

      I think thats all, i got here late, so missed many spots here. but i believe i made the trial run

        Loading editor
    • 2-3 hours before end.

      Hrqls : 401148

      LuxCal : 433234

      monroegery : 424111

      jeglegator : 459435

      AvEnTuS72 : 354649

      mastersinomi : 342158

      pdrwlesi : 303464

      markgeraldave : 309964

      tolot78 : 259662

      non-WWW member : 231039

        Loading editor
    • Thanks all! : I got rank 2024 which was what i aimed for (above rank 2500)

      5 hours before end:

      babygirlroxan 987468
      herlambang99 647307
      stevetut 474302
      bbaaabb 462118
      matmatpatitoy06 391803
      mauroinge 380874
      markgeraldave 309964
      pdrwlesi 294059
      bagdemagu 274571
      tolot78 253825

      In the last 5 hours I got 261180 more ally points so the numbers above should be a bit higher for some (non-european) players

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    • I thought I wouldn't make the 300k...

      Here are my results, 2h 30m till end of event:

      hrqls 401.068

      stevetut 513.993

      jeglegator 459.767

      aventus72 352.321

      mastersinomi 342.502

      bagdemagu 273.730

      tolot78 259.662

      cenobite 92.148

      kevinau2 57.205

        Loading editor
    • Hi, sorry for being late but here's the shared points on my side:

      Domdrake2010 - 395,306pts

      Donjon56 - 294,461pts

      Holynch - 260,616pts

      Allicolino - 253,310pts

      SuperSanjuro - 87,309pts

      The above were taken an hour before the event closing.

      Thanks, guys!

        Loading editor
    • Sorry I can not post pictures, because I'm very busy at work. Moreover, the Internet is not good these days at my place. Thank you very much for the team. Looking forward for our next event.

        Loading editor
    • Hi

      Im new and and share about 470 last tower, i'll be hapay to team up with team C :)

        Loading editor
    • I've declared Team C....  I'll probably be sleeping the first 5 hours or so because it is Saturday.  ;-)

        Loading editor
    • Im in for this event tol

      If your ally list is not full pls add me my ign is cacadu7840050703

        Loading editor
    • Team C, trial run.

        Loading editor
    • Team C for me too.

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