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A dense jungle lies in the corner of the Western Lowlands.
The rebels venture within to hunt down the beasts that prey on the apes and spread decay through the trees.
  — Event details 


New features[]

A Damage Bonus was introduced during this event: Receive a Damage Bonus that increases with the amount of damage dealt to raid bosses.

The Discover Reward has been removed from this event.

The probablity of getting an Elite familiar by using an Event Coin to make a Grave of Heros pact has been greatly reduced.

This event has also shortened the number of rounds in a battle to four player attack rounds (with three boss attack rounds) instead of the five player attack rounds (with four boss attack rounds) used in recent raid boss events. There are a number of implications from this shorter battle:

  • Overall lower damage per battle done to Raid Bosses due to one less turn to do damage before the "Too Slow...". This was likely done to balance out the increased power of Add Skill Warlords and the much higher multipliers available on some of the event Elites.
  • Somewhat increased variablity in damage per battle. Over more rounds the chance of proc had more opportunity to average out. So with fewer rounds, luck will play a larger factor: the number of times a high damage familiar procs will swing the result that much more.
  • Non-elite familiars have a somewhat higher chance of surviving the whole battle and thus delivering their full potential damage (as opposed to being killed off early and missing attack rounds).
  • Damage dealt by poisoning the Raid Boss is reduced. This damage is applied just after the Raid Boss attacks, so such opportunities have been reduced from four to three.


For the first time, the two Elite familiars are Rare familiars that evolve into Epic ones.




Raid Bosses[]

Name Level HP Rewards
Attack x1.2 Pts Mob Bonus at MVP Jr MVP Bonus Killing Blow Discover
Pts Event Coins Bonus Item
Lindworm, Thorn Dragon
Lindworm, Thorndragon Figure
10 110,000 20 1 2 x3.5 Pts Bugle x2 Pts Shade none
20 960,000 200
30 1,300,000 400 4
40 2,900,000 600
50 4,000,000 800
Lindworm, Thorn Dragon II
Lindworm, Thorndragon II Figure
10 7,000,000 1200 6
20 10,000,000 1800 8
30 13,000,000 2400
40 16,000,000 3000
50 19,000,000 4000
Lindworm, the Black Rose
Lindworm, the Black Rose Figure
10 26,000,000 6000 10 Sanguine Shade
20 38,000,000 8000
30 52,000,000 10400
40 68,000,000 13200
50 77,000,000 16000
Super Raid Boss (Lindworm, the Black Rose II)
Lindworm, the Black Rose II Figure
10 66,000,000 3600 20 x20 Pts x5 Pts
20 78,000,000 4500 30
30 84,000,000 5400 40
40 96,000,000 6300 60
50 110,000,000 7200 80

Note: Attack Pts reward for most bosses was increased on 2013-02-13. The Attack Pts reward for Super Raid Boss Lv.10 was increased 2013-02-14. The table above represents the most recent values.