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Title Screen

Our tale begins in distant Arnashia, land of beauty.

Eight civilizations here rose, and here warred for ages upon ages.
Then Galbraith, Dynast-King, came and forged his peace in flame.
The eight heroes who aided him he sent home to their hearths.
But there was a darkness in his heart, and it consumed him.
The eight, unaware of his transformation, were taken by the king's men.
The once-proud heroes were made vampire, that they might suffer for eternity.
Who...are you?
You who have here lain for so long?

Choose the fallen hero who will champion you.
  — Game Introduction 

Spoiler warning! This article contains plot details.

The Story or Adventure Mode is the main feature of the Blood Brothers game. It tells the story of the legendary Warlords who go in an epic journey to defeat the maleficent Galbraith.

Each Warlord has different dialogue throughout the game, as they all have different personalities, but the basic storyline remains the same.


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Once the player obtained his Warlord, Gina arrives and awakes him/her. She explains to the Warlord that Galbraith, the Dynast-King, has taken control over the regions of Arnashia and that the Warlord must stop him.

They quickly escape the Cave where the Warlord was sleeping and visit Lada at the Cemetery, in order to get more familiars to fight the evil king. Eventually, Gina and the Warlord will encounter Galbraith a short while after and fight him. Galbraith taunts the Warlord before disappearing.

West Midlands[]

Gina and the Warlord learn the Imperial Forces of Galbraith are looking for them. They encounter various minions of the evil King but manage to escape.

West Lowlands[]

Gina and the Warlord discover that Lizardmen have taken over the land of the Apes. They ultimately find the Apes and after proving themselves worthy by fighting in a colosseum they find out the Lizardmen declared war against the Apes. Gina and the Warlord make an alliance with the Apes to build an army and fight against both Galbraith and the Lizardmen, before they continue down to the Underworld where the Dwarves live.

West Underworld[]

A conflict between the Dwarves and the Goblins may be the beginning of an important war. Gina and the Warlord must cooperate with the King of Dwarves. They defeat Gracim, an imperial lord.

East Underworld[]

Led by a Goblin Priest, the Warlord and Gina discover that the Imperial Forces poisoned a lake, making everyone aggressive and mad, even the Goblin King. The Priest is, in fact, an agent of the king, and is defeated. They encounter Rodion, an imperial agent who is trying to kill them, but defeat him.

East Lowlands[]

A young reptile called Alcae is looking for an egg, which contains her young brother who will become the next king of reptiles. Along the way, Gina falls sick at the Fleshflower Field, but they thankfully find a Lizardman Doctor at Guivre Swamp, who was able to cure her. With the help of the king of chameleons, Gina and the Warlord find the hatching egg and subdue the last of the three lords, Gordon.

East Midlands[]

In the asiatic-like land, the Warlord and Gina team up with Yozan Swiftfoot, a young samurai who is looking for his master kidnapped by ninjas. They must fight strong creatures under the influence of the empire, before being confronted by Yozan's master Chikagoro the Unshakable as a test.

East Highlands[]

The East Highlands are a cold mountain inhabited by the Darklanders. Memsika, the Queen of Dark Elfs, asks Gina and the Warlord to meet Argan, the king, who created abominations to fight the Empire. They are led by Margot, the queen's servant.

They have to fight four lieutenants before entering the king's camp: Sevia the Keen (Norda's lover), Golad the Mighty, Norda the Fleet (Sevia's lover), and finally, Norge the Ironclad, Margot's brother. In the camp, they find Memsika injured by Argan, who thinks that all his minions are traitors. The Warlord has to fight Argan twice and emerges victorious thanks to Norge's sacrifice.

West Highlands[]

Gina, Memsika and the Warlord goes to meet Memsika's father, King Alafoss, in the Highlander Camp. The King isn't there, but they meet Memsika's old friends, Captain Luki and Caleon. Caleon is tasked with escorting Memsika, Gina and the Warlord to King Alafoss.

On their way, they are attacked by a mysterious person that knew the Warlord before they became a vampire, but she runs away before the group finds out who she is. When the group finally meet King Alafoss, he directs them to Cloudsweep Heights, while Memsika stays with her father and Caleon.

Gina and the Warlord continue their journey and eventually reach Cloudsweep Heights, where they meet Luki and find out that Galbraith opened the gates of hell, thus releasing undead into the Highlands. To prevent him from stealing the artifacts known as the Blood Gauntlets, they go to the The Howling Cave. Galbraith is already there when they enter, unfortunately, and he manages to obtain the Gauntlets; before he departs, Luki leaves the group and joins him.

The group then travels to Windtorn Wilds, where they meet the mysterious person again. She reveals herself to be Sylvie, and informs them that they need to stop Galbraith before he can open the gates of hell. Before they can leave, they meet Luki again, who has been turned into a vampire. As they make their way to the Glostre Ruins, the group realizes they have arrived too late: Galbraith has already opened the gates of hell.

While the group defeats Luki, Galbraith enters the Netherworld, and the group then notices that Sylvie is gone. As Caleon, Gina and the Warlord enter the gate, Memsika appears with a seal and uses it to close the gate.

The Netherworld[]

Gina, Caleon and the Warlord continue. They learn that Galbraith and Sylvie have continued further into the Netherworld, and follow them. Gina doesn't allow Caleon to go further, since he mustn't risk his life. Gina gets possessed by her ancestor, Gerry. They meet up with Sylvie, who is revealed to be a vampire herself, and when they've learned where Galbraith is, the WL suddenly gets parts of his/her memories back. After defeating some more enemies, the WL remembers everything. The party later learns from Azaziel that Galbraith is not himself anymore. He's been taken over by something called the Abyss Walker. The Warlord remembers Galbraith entering the Netherworld a long time ago, just after Gerry died. When he came back he was changed. They later catch up with Galbraith. He's now completely taken over by the Abyss Walker. It's revealed to have been sucking Galbraith's soul out slowly. As a final try Galbraith gave back the WL's memories, but it didn't help. The Abyss Walker wants to start a war against the Gods in the sky, but before he leaves he makes his old host, Galbraith's father Bagration, fight the team. Bagration is defeated, but the Abyss Walker kidnapps Gerry and tells the Warlord and Sylvie to meet them at the river Styx if they want her back. When they reach Styx the Abyss Walker congrats them. He then gives Gerry back, although she's under his control. Gerry is defeated, though Sylvie is injured. The Abyss Walker tells them to meet him up the river. Gerry dies, and leaves Gina behind. Gina and the Warlord hurries after the Abyss Walker while Sylvie takes care of her wounds. Once Gina and the Warlord catch up with the Abyss Walker, they notice that he's gathered an army and is impossible to find. Suddenly Sylvie reaches them, with an army she's gathered. She tells them to find the Abyss Walker while she takes care of the rest. The Warlord then hears a voice in his/her head. It's Galbraith, and he tells them to follow his voice, and that way find the Abyss Walker. Before they go something else happens though. The Eight are once again gathered, and together they follow Galbraith's voice. They reach the Abyss Walker and defeat it together. It was only possible because of Galbraith fighting back though, according to the Walker. It then promises to bring down the heavens and jumps into Styx, which is the only way to reach the surface. The spirit of Galbraith thanks the Eight, and they forgive him for his selflishness. Galbraith says he gave his life to bring back the person he loved - Sylvie. Upon hearing this, Sylvie jumps into the river and disappears. Galbraith then asks the Eight if they will destroy the Abyss Walker for him, since they're friends. No, more than friends. Blood brothers. The Eight tell him they will, but the Black Brute reminds them that they're stuck in the Netherworld. The Green Healer says that Styx can take them back up, and the Grey Mage reveals himself to be a great builder of ships. The Eight and Gina set sail, and leave the Netherworld with Gina's words: "that they will have a lot to do when they reach the surface".