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8 X R1 with 200 crystals

Screen showing one familiar's stats (by pressing on it)

There are 5 main stats: Attack, Defense, HP, Magic and Agility. All 5 basic stats can be enhanced beyond normal means (leveling up and evolution) and by using Crystals at the Empowerment screen.

Stat Growth[]

There are three types of stat growth: fast, normal, and late bloomer. After gaining a level, familiars gain stats such as ATK and DEF at varying rates depending on their type.
  — In-game help 
  • Fast: Stats increase rapidly at low levels, then slowly at higher levels.
  • Normal: Stats increase at a steady rate.
  • Late Bloomer: Stats increase slowly at low levels, then rapidly at higher levels.

For a more detailed breakdown, read the Growth page


HP is a two letter designation for Hit Points or Health Points. Characters lose HP when they take damage in battle.

Familiars placed in reserve regain 5% of their max HP with each step taken. Note that the next zone space does not need to be empty for the regain to take effect. You can also use Dried Sage to fully restore the HP of one familiar.


ATK is the three letter designation for Attack. A Familiar's Attack stat determines how much damage is dealt in normal (i.e. non-skill proc) attacks, as well as any skill-based attacks that deal physical damage. One point of ATK equates to one point of damage (before all bonuses, skills and reductions are factored in).


DEF is the designation for Defense. Defense determines how sturdy your familiar is against attacks. Damage taken from physical attacks is reduced by 0.4 of Defense and damage taken from magical attacks is reduced by 0.2 of Defense + Wisdom.

Note: DEF is the only stat that is not increased by Title Bonus.


WIS is the Wisdom stat. Wisdom is used in some skills, for protection against magical attacks and for reducing the effect of debuffs. Wisdom also determines the effectiveness of your familiars' buffs. Damage taken from magical attacks is reduced by 0.2 of Wisdom + Defense.


AGI is the three letter designation for the Agility stat. More agile characters can act before their foes during battle. Agility is also used as an attack parameter for certain skills.


The Experience points earned as you encounter and defeat enemies while exploring a zone. When the XP gauge fills, the character gains a level. When a familiar gains a level, its HP are restored and its stats improve. When your warlord gains a level, your energy and morale are fully replenished.