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Three towers stand silent watch over the wilds of Western Midlands. A dreadful foe dwells within, seeking to trap those seeking umbrage in the twisting passages of the towers in order to sacrifice them.
  — Special Dungeons, In-game story 

Event Points[]

Earn points during this event by defeating foes and bosses in the event areas. You can also earn points by capturing them. Rare rewards awaits those who earns enough points! The more points the better!

Tower Coin[]

You need 3 Tower Coins to open the Vault of Trials.
You earn 3 Tower Coins for each completed run of Knight's Tower level 10.
First run of the Vault earns you 1 Crystal.
Each consecutive run of the Vault earns you 1 Tower Coin.

Vault of Trials[]

The Vault of Trials is a zone that holds three bosses. You must fight all three of them during the same battle. Defeat and capture the bosses to earn massive points. There are four fights available each time you enter.

The bosses featured in the Vault are the combination of Novice Tower, Squire Tower, and Knight Tower. There are secret bosses at the last encounter within the Vault.



SD17 Rewards

Daily Login Bonus[]

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus November 16 till November 19
Day 1 Event Silver Coins x10
Tower 17 Login Reward
Day 2 Dried Sage x3
Day 3 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 4

Ibicella, the Evil Claw x1