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A hundred years ago, Siege Tourney thrilled the people of Arnashia with its gripping team battles. Now a mysterious organization has revived the event. The rebels, hoping to meet others who stand against the empire and claim the prizes on offer to the victors, have decided to join the competition.
  — Siege Tourney, In-game story 

Associated Pact[]

Deyos Pact to obtain Nergal, Abyssal Overseer and Lahmu, the Kink-Tail

Might Boost[]

ST Bridge Might Boost

Capturing the Bridge has a chance to trigger a Might Boost, which lasts for a short time and makes it much easier to capture the enemy keep.

N.B. There are no Defense Boosts in this event.



Daily Rewards[]

ST6 Event Daily Rewards

Overall Rewards[]

ST6 Event Rewards

Daily Login Bonus[]

During the Event the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus
Day 1 Event Silver Coins x10 Siege Tourney 6 Event Login Gift
Day 2 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 3 Bugles x3
Day 4

Ibicella, the Evil Claw x1

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