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Siege Tourney, a competition pitting team against team in mock battle, is being held again for the first time in a hundred years! Capture the enemy keep to score points!

Special Information[]

A small delay in the Siege Tourney made this Event start a little bit later than initially announced.

Associated Pact[]

Circle Pact to obtain Deborah, Knight Immaculate

Might Boost[]

ST Bridge Might Boost

Capturing the Bridge has a chance to trigger a Might Boost, which lasts for a short time and makes it much easier to capture the enemy keep.

N.B. There are no Defense Boosts in this event.


ST3 Elites


Daily Rewards[]

ST3 Daily Rewards

Overall Rewards[]

ST3 Rewards

Daily Login Rewards[]

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus 8/16 till 8/21
Day 1 Event Silver Coins x10 ST3 Daily Login Rewards
Day 2 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 3 Bugle x3
Day 4

Hathor the Doting x1

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