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The Shop is located in the pop-up menu More on the home screen. Here you are able to purchase Vallahorns, Fire Gems, Pyre Ingots, Truesight Amulets, Gjallarhorns, Mandrakes, Elixirs, Panacea and Heartsbloods for MobaCoin.

Item Content Additional Info MobaCoin
Fire Gem Shop
4-Fire Gem Set Fire Gem x1 100
Pyre Ingot Shop
10-Pyre Ingot Set Pyre Ingot x1 100
Vallahorn Shop
Vallahorn Vallahorn x1 100
Gjallahorn Shop Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn x1 100
Gjallahorn Shop 11-Gjallarhorn Set Gjallarhorn x11 1,000
Gjallahorn Shop 35-Gjallarhorn Set Gjallarhorn x35 3,000
Beginners Set Shop Beginner's Set Mandrake x1
Heartsblood x1
Gjallarhorn x1
First time only! 100
Mandrake Shop Mandrake Mandrake x1 100
Truesight Amulet Shop
Truesight Amulet Truesight Amulet x1 200
Mandrake Shop 11-Mandrake Set Mandrake x11 1,000
Elixirs Set Shop 3-Elixir Set Elixir x3 100
Panacea Shop Panacea Panacea x1 300
Heartsblood Shop Heartsblood Heartsblood x1 200
Heartsblood Shop 11-Heartsblood Set Heartsblood x11 2,000

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