Blood Brothers Wiki

The Blood Brothers Wikia is run by many non-profit members who dedicate their time in making this wiki better. Many users don't know the roles and abilities these staff members have, which can be a problem. Here's a list of their responsibilities and capabilities.

Active Members

Bureaucrats - The highest responsibilities goes to these staff members. They have total control of the wiki and should be extremely active. They manage everything from updating important parts of the wiki to promoting new staff members.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+3] Rlsf - Takes care of pages like familiar pages, event pages and the Familiars origins pages.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+8] Yuhhaur - Provides a lot of feedback and answers on the comments section of familiar pages. Does quite of bit of edits on familiar pages too. Taken care of various Templates in the Wiki.

Admins - One step below a Bureaucrat, but has almost the same amount of responsibilities and wiki management options. These are generally the staff members you want to see if you want something sorted or helped with.

- [Semi-Active] [Timezone: GMT-4] Chinhodado - Manages technical issues of the Wiki. Knows a lot about game mechanics. Creator of the Blood Brothers Database app, the Blood Brothers Simulator and the Blood Brothers Wikia userscript

- [Semi-Active] [Timezone: GMT+1] Swinkel - Manages the Wicked Wiki Warriors Teams. Tries to answer questions, help players with their game and likes to maintain a friendly and respectful environment.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+1] YuzzzzuY - Making sure the event pages are updated asap and adding/updating pact pages. Comments here and there as well and likes adding images to pages.

Wiki Moderators - Quite a few steps below Administrator, can't promote people and doesn't have a lot of responsibilities. Nevertheless, there are some very notable Wiki Moderators.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT-5] Avengederebus - Comments a lot on fam pages and is very active in discussions around the PvP Tier list.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+8] GuitarRock - Handles the Bazaar Seminar. Writes many informative blog posts and edits pages as well. Often seen in chat and occasionally gives brig advice. Also helps people with profile editing and custom templates.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT-5] LucaRepa - Edits familiar pages.

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+1] Tinymoba - Comments on familiar and event pages. Tries to maintain some pages :-)

- [Active] [Timezone: GMT+1] Sweisdapro - Makes some user templates, comments around the wikia and involved in the "Familiar Score" project.

Chat Moderators - Exactly what they do; they moderate the chat and keep things in order on a "weak" scale. Only has abilities to kick and ban users from the chat.

- [Active] BurnBabylon

- [Active] Wolgie

You can play your part too. If you find incorrect stats on a page, find someone repeatedly vandalizing a page, etc. contact one of the people above.

Retired Members


- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT+1] Chernabogue - Used to keep everything in order, update the wiki with new information etc.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: ?] DanielEfton - Founder of the Wiki

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT+1] Nlby001 - Helps a lot on the wiki, does a lot of edits on familiar pages, gives good advice on familiars and statistics. On the chat often and can help out with everything. Handles the TTL.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: ?] OKRedleg - Did an amazing job on JSON files and damage calculations.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: ?] Overmage - Managed general aspects of the wiki, such as helping people on familiar pages, providing feedback on the forums and sorting out pages.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT+1] Phreakzero - Updates and uploads JSON files, which is used to provide information on new fams/stats/art, provides helpful advice and feedback. Generally the person you want to see if you have a problem with JSON data and files.


- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT-5] Jareif - Helps on comment section of familiar pages and on forums, specializing in damage calculations and other technical aspects of game play. Manages the Raid Tier list.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT-3] [Daylight Timezone OCT-FEB: GMT-2] Nixtyle - Updated JSON files and did a lot of updates on new familiar statistics and files. Knows a decent amount of HTML coding and brigade formations.

Wiki Moderators

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT+1] Loan Deranger - Edits and comments on familiar pages.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT-5] MrMcSpankie - Took care of the Top 10 page as well as making other comments and edits throughout the wiki. Also tried to help with adding new things to the wiki. Jack of all trades, Master of none.

- [Inactive] [Timezone: GMT-7] Rhinecanthus - Edited and commented on familiar pages, and set up Price Discussion pages in the Forum for new fams.

Chat Moderators

- [Inactive] BrandIsGrand

- [Inactive] Funlaocguy

- [Inactive] Tfmrbajo1