The Records section is comprised of three sections that hold familiar information.

Familiar Records

Top 10 Main Page

This page consists of the familiars who hold top 10 records in varying sections such as stats, damage, proc damage, and much more.

Damage Output List

Damage Main Page

This page consists of all the EP/L/M familiars that output damage with their skills across four different sections.

Overall damage output is the raw maximum damage output that a familiar can do with one proc.

PvP damage output is the averaged out damage output a familiar can do against a 5 Familiar Brigade per proc.

Tower damage output doesn't take into account the proc damage that a familiar can do but rather the amount of damage it can take before getting knocked out.

Raid damage output takes into account fighting against one Boss opponent and that boss has an applied wisdom stat, but no defence stat.

POPE Table

POPE Main Page

The POPE page consists of all EP/L/M familiars with their stats on their final evolution having the maximum evolution with the maximum amount of crystals. The page is broken up into further sub-categories with Tiers of a particular stat. Each stat has a different range and corresponds to where a familiar is ranked against all the other familiars.

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