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The Purple Knife is one of the eight Warlords and represents the Darklander Race. She has high Attack and Wisdom.

The Purple Knife
The Purple Knife Figure
Race Gender
Evolution Rarity.Epic 1of1
Max Level 170
Rarity Epic
Skill Thundercloud
Last Words Me, lose? What jest is this?

Flavor Text

A prodigal sorcerer from the East Highlands.
  — In-game description 


The Purple Knife appears to be a dark elf female with long dark hair pulled from her face with a horned headband. She wears a somewhat skimpy outfit in purple and red including heeled boots that stretch up to her mid-thigh. As for weapons, she carries a glowing toothed dagger in addition to an bow and a quiver of arrows. Her face seems to convey both a warning and an invitation.


High ATK and WIS.

Base 1,180 1,400 910 1,360 1,160
Max 13,235 15,781 10,212 15,279 13,095
POPE 13,736 16,281 10,712 15,779 13,596
Raid 68,680 81,405 53,560 78,895 67,980

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