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Mnemonic Shade Figure

Merge XP is a ritual that was introduced to the game on July 16, 2013; it was removed from the game on January 17/18, 2015. Despite being present for nearly a year or more, the ritual was never made available to players; as such, little is known about how this ritual works, and what is required to complete it.

A new Shade was foundin the game data, and was designed to be used for this ritual.

Merge XP Ritual Information[]

The following information comes from in-game tips regarding the Merge XP Ritual, found while browsing the game's .json files:

  • "Here you can raise a master familiars's level by merging it with a Mnemonic Shade."
  • "Mnemonic Shades are special familiars that accumulate XP earned in zones."
  • "Note that Mnemonic Shades only accumulate the XP earned by max level familiars."
  • "You cannot combine a Mnemonic Shade with your warlord."
  • "If the master familiar is questing, its level will rise but it wont's regain HP."