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The Haunted Coach is an event pact, including the new familiar Flesh Collector Golem. It was introduced on 1/10 and is valid until 9/10 3:00 AM (PT).

List of events[]

Featured Familiars[]

The featured familiars (PE stats), only their pre-evolutions are included in this pact

Haunted Coach Featured Familiars
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Flesh Collector Golem II Figure Flesh Collector Golem II Brutal Fist 16,900 13,986 17,539 8,114 9,111
Unicorn, Spirit Eater II Figure Unicorn, Spirit Eater II Rebuke 10,140 11,933 8,103 11,054 11,334
Agatha Rumbleshot II Figure Agatha Rumbleshot II Firestrike 5,364 5,900 5,157 6,542 6,045

Tier Pact Information[]