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The Grey Mage is one of the eight Warlords and represents the Goblin Race. He has high Wisdom and Agility.

The Grey Mage
The Grey Mage Figure
The Grey Mage
Race Gender
Evolution Rarity.Epic 1of1
Max Level 170
Rarity Epic
Skill Firestrike
Last Words Hmm. Misread the signs there.

Flavor Text

A clever goblin sorcerer from the East Underworld.
  — In-game description 


The Grey Mage appears to be a goblin male with greenish skin, short and stooped either due to age or the rigors of magic. He wears a hooded robe that covers his entire body, leaving only his hands, face, and pierced ears visible. His left hand is either painted with a magic symbol or has a third eye embedded into the palm. He carries a wooden scepter in his right hand, adorned with a bright blue gem of some kind. The scepter appears to have magical markings of some kind along its length.


High WIS and AGI.

Base 1,150 1,180 910 1,360 1,430
Max 12,914 13,338 10,212 15,364 16,101
POPE 13,414 13,838 10,712 15,864 16,601
Raid 67,070 69,190 53,560 79,320 83,005

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