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The Green Healer is one of the eight Warlords and represents the Highlander Race. She has high Wisdom and Defense.

The Green Healer
The Green Healer Figure
Race Gender
Evolution Rarity.Epic 1of1
Max Level 170
Rarity Epic
Skill Mass Greater Heal
Whorl of Wisdom
Last Words Sorry. It's up to you now.

Flavor Text

A monk of devout charity from the West Highlands.
  — In-game description 


The Green Healer appears to be a high elf female with white hair bound at the back. She wears brown leather armor over a green dress. Her right hand wields a scepter of pink and white. A rose crested shield of what may be wood is in her left hand. What might be a tiny smile sits on her small face. On her left leg, she wears a brown garter.


High WIS and DEF.

Base 1,180 890 1,410 1,320 1,160
Max 13,270 10,056 15,859 14,829 13,096
POPE 13,770 10,556 16,360 15,329 13,596
Raid 68,850 52,780 81,800 76,645 67,980

Special Information

Since the Add Skill Update, the Green Healer has been updated to also start with Whorl of Wisdom along with her Mass Greater Heal to give her an offense skill before level 50.

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