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Grave of Swords are special pacts, introduced for the first time on September 9, 2013.

Grave of Swords has only been available once thus far and provided a way to obtain event elites for Siege Tourney 4.


A simple graveyard with only swords to mark the fallen has been found in the corner of an ancient battleground. Lada has asked the rebels the collect the swords before they rust to ruin, offering the coffins and treasures within as reward
  — In-game info 

Featured Familiars[]

Featured Familiars as of September 2013

Featured familiars include Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

The pact only contains familiars that can be evolved. The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (EP**), PE.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Borivoi, the Black Prince II Borivoi, the Black Prince
Borivoi, the Black Prince II Bragging Rights 12,567 15,654 15,004 10,747 11,386
Other Featured Familiars
Grellas Fellstaff II Grellas Fellstaff
Batraz, the Immortal Hero II Batraz, the Immortal Hero
Suzuka, Bandit Chief II Suzuka, Bandit Chief
Ignis Fatuus II Ignis Fatuus
Lia, Gladiator II Lia, Gladiator
Edgardo, Grand Inquisitor II Edgardo, Templar Captain
Edgardo, Templar Captain II
Edgardo, Grand Inquisitor
Hogni Ruinblade II Hogni the Greedy
Hogni the Greedy II
Hogni Ruinblade
Ghislandi, Iron Heart II Ghislandi, The Iron Wall
Ghislandi, The Iron Wall II
Ghislandi, Iron Heart
Fomor the Savage II Fomor
Fomor II
Fomor the Savage
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang II Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang
Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang II
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang
Master Zeku II Zeku
Zeku II
Master Zeku
Narluce, Steel Knight II Narluce, Knight
Narluce, Knight II
Narluce, Steel Knight
Jeanne, Knight Templar II Jeanne, Knight Devout
Jeanne, Knight Devout II
Jeanne, Knight Templar
Nuadha, the Shining Blade II Nuadha
Nuadha II
Nuadha, the Shining Blade


Drop rates and pacts as of May 2015

  • There are 3 graveyards in Grave of Swords.
  • Each graveyard contains nine swords, where each sword can only be drawn once.
  • Each sword contains a certain number of pacts (depending on the graveyard) and one treasure (either an item or a familiar).
  • Each graveyard has a fixed number of items and familiars as treasures.
  • Once you’ve obtained all such familiars in a graveyard, you can advance to the next graveyard even if all the graves have not been opened.
  • Even after you've unlocked the next graveyard you can go back and dig up any remaining swords until the end of the pact period.
Number of Swords Pact Number per Sword Price per Sword Treasure
Graveyard 1
2 Swords 1 200 MobaCoin 1 of 15 featured familiars guaranteed!
7 Swords Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1
Graveyard 2
1 Sword 2 500 MobaCoin Grellas Fellstaff, Borivoi, the Black Prince, Batraz, the Immortal Hero, Ignis Fatuus, Lia, Gladiator or Edgardo, Grand Inquisitor x1 guaranteed!
2 Swords 1 of 15 featured familiars guaranteed!
6 Swords Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1
Graveyard 3
1 Sword 3 800 MobaCoin Grellas Fellstaff, Borivoi, the Black Prince or Batraz, the Immortal Hero x1 guaranteed!
3 Swords 1 of 15 featured familiars guaranteed!
5 Swords Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1

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