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Special Information

  • As part of Halloween Campaign, Coven's Coin can be obtained as point and ranking rewards. Coven's Coin can be used to obtain Special Familiars and Items from The Witch's Kitchen.
  • Earn an extra Point Bonus for winning PvP battles, while using familiars that have the skill raise ATK, excluding your Warlord. The bonus is granted for up to 3 familiars and multiplies your points by up to 120%.

  • Bonus Table:
# Familiars in BrigadeBonus Points

Full list of M, L and EP familiars that raise ATK: Note: click Expand to view the list

Rarity Familiar Name Target Mod & Source Buff Value Skill Type
M Van, Shadow Hunter II Figure Van, Shadow Hunter II Self & Adjacent 14,633 x 28% (WIS) 4,097 Opening Buff
M Crassus, the Lion General II Figure Crassus, the Lion General II Self & Adjacent 14,482 x 35% (WIS) 5,069 Opening Buff
M Sir Gawain, Sun Knight II Figure Sir Gawain, Sun Knight II Foe 750 (Flat) 100% Absorbed value Auto Attack
L Adamant Tarasca Figure Adamant Tarasca Self & Adjacent 8,002 x 20% (WIS) 1,600 Opening Buff
L Aletheia, Knight Templar II Figure Aletheia, Knight Templar II Self & Adjacent 10,939 x 30% (WIS) 3,282 Opening Buff
L Amethyst Dragon II Figure Amethyst Dragon II Self & Adjacent 13,030 x 20% (WIS) 2,606 Opening Buff
L Calais, the Gale II Figure Calais, the Gale II Self & Adjacent 12,792 x 25% (WIS) 3,198 Opening Buff
L Captain Kidd II Figure Captain Kidd II All Allies 14,395 x 10% (WIS) 1,440 Opening Buff
L Ebon Dragon II Figure Ebon Dragon II All Allies 14,330 x 10% (WIS) 1,433 Opening Buff
L Fenrir, Vengeful Beast Figure Fenrir, Vengeful Beast Foe 1,500 (Flat) 50% Absorbed value Active Absorb Attack
L Freyr, God of the Harvest II Figure Freyr, God of the Harvest II Self & Adjacent 15% (WIS) 1,941 Opening Buff
L Gilgamesh the Bold II Figure Gilgamesh the Bold II Self & Adjacent 8,220 x 30% (WIS) 2,466 Opening Buff
L Helen, Swan Queen II Figure Helen, Swan Queen II Self & Adjacent 21,404 x 15% (WIS) 3,211 Opening Buff
L Huitzilopochtli, God of War II Figure Huitzilopochtli, God of War II Foe 2,000 (Flat) 40% Absorbed value Opening Absorb
L Ilya, Giant Slayer Figure Ilya, Giant Slayer Self 8,028 x 20% (WIS) 1,656 Opening Buff
L Isabella, the Waterbrand Figure Isabella, the Waterbrand Foe 2,500 (Flat) 50% Absorbed value Active Absorb Attack
L Kibitsuhiko, Ogre Slayer II Figure Kibitsuhiko, Ogre Slayer II Self & Adjacent 11,448 x 35% (WIS) 4,007 Opening Buff
L Nephthys, Ruler of Death Figure Nephthys, Ruler of Death 3 Foes 2,000 (Flat) 35% Opening Buff
L Pallas, Goddess of Protection II Figure Pallas, Goddess of Protection II 3 Foes 35% (WIS) 35% Absorbed value Opening Absorb
L Rongo, Moai Master II Figure Rongo, Moai Master II Self & Adjacent 13,312 x 23% (WIS) 3,062 Opening Buff
L Sedna, the Frozen Sea II Figure Sedna, the Frozen Sea II Self Reactive (Flat) 3,000 Opening Buff
L Triton, Lord of the Sea II Figure Triton, Lord of the Sea II Self & Adjacent 10,289 x 48% (WIS) 4,939 Opening Buff
L Wrath, Beast of Sin II Figure Wrath, Beast of Sin II 3 Foes 35% (WIS) 35% Absorbed value Opening Absorb
L Zuniga, Guard Captain II Figure Zuniga, Guard Captain II All Allies 14,839 x 20% (WIS) 2,968 Opening Buff
EP Andromalius, Eater of Lies II Figure Andromalius, Eater of Lies II Self & Adjacent 7,960 x 30% (WIS) 2,388 Opening Buff
EP Antiope of the Axe II Figure Antiope of the Axe II All Allies 12,720 x 20% (WIS) 2,544 Opening Buff
EP Bai Suzhen, Lady of Scales II Figure Bai Suzhen, Lady of Scales II All Allies 17,504 x 20% (WIS) 3,501 Opening Buff
EP Cat Sith Chillweaver II Figure Cat Sith Chillweaver II Self & Adjacent 16,143 x 50% (WIS) 8,072 Opening Buff
EP Chi-Hu II Figure Chi-Hu II Self & Adjacent 17,071 x 20% (ATK) 3,414 Opening Buff
EP Eric, Bloodaxe King II Figure Eric, Bloodaxe King II Self Reactive (Flat) 2,000 Reactive Buff
EP Ettin II Figure Ettin II Self & Adjacent 9,498 x 10% (WIS) 950 Opening Buff
EP Griffin Mount II Figure Griffin Mount II Self & Adjacent 14,263 x 50% (WIS) 7,132 Opening Buff
EP Hamad, the Sweeping Wind II Figure Hamad, the Sweeping Wind II Self & Adjacent 16,416 x 50% (WIS) 8,208 Opening Buff
EP Ignis Fatuus II Figure Ignis Fatuus II All Allies 13,460 x 20% (WIS) 2,692 Opening Buff
EP Ishtar, Goddess of Love II Figure Ishtar, Goddess of Love II Self & Adjacent 9,022 x 20% (WIS) 1,804 Opening Buff
EP Momoso, Pheasant Tamer II Figure Momoso, Pheasant Tamer II Self & Adjacent 9,997 x 20% (WIS) 1,999 Opening Buff
EP Muramasa, the Cursed Katana II Figure Muramasa, the Cursed Katana II Self & Adjacent 5,923 x 35% (WIS) 2,073 Opening Buff
EP Pan of the Flute II Figure Pan of the Flute II All Allies 10,533 x 20% (WIS) 2,107 Opening Buff
EP Paris, Trueshot II Figure Paris, Trueshot II Self & Adjacent 7,895 x 25% (WIS) 1,974 Opening Buff
  • Note: Due to a technical issue, Captain Kidd and Ebon Dragon were not considered elites on event start. This issue was resolved on Monday, October 19th.

Associated Pacts

Blood Clash

As soon as players earn 60,000 points and attain the PvP title of Optio (1.1x bonus to stats), all PvP battles become Blood Clashes for the duration of the event.

Point Frenzy

Win 80 PVP battles and trigger Point Frenzy when your next Point Bonus occurs! During Point Frenzy, all bonus points will be greatly increased!

Challenge Battle

  • You may encounter a Challenge Battle after 3 back-to-back wins.
  • Win all Challenge Battles in 15 minutes to earn greater points and amazing rewards!
  • Challenge Battles will not affect your win count.
  • Up to win streak 24, Challenge Battles involve 3 back-to-back battles. After win streak 24 this becomes 5 back-to-back battles.
  • Winning all Challenge Battles grants you 1 Bugle and a chance of obtaining C/UC foot gear or trinket.
  • Collect as many Marks of Glory as you can from Challenge Battle! Exchange them for familiars with theme bonus for the current event and other valuable items in the Hall of Glory!

Swift Strikes

Get up to 3 Mark of Glory Marks of Glory for each completed Challenge Battle in the first three days of the event!

Valid until 10/19 3:00 am (PT)

Final Strikes

Get Mormo, Nightmare by emerging victorious in the Final Group Battle (Tribinus Militum PvP.Title.Purple.4, Legatus Legionis PvP.Title.Purple.5)!

Group Battles from 10/22 3:00am to 10/23 1:00am (PT)


Get Coven's Coins when rank above 10,000 and for event points:

Bronze Sabatons rewarded at 500,000 event points.

Bronze Signet rewarded at 750,000 event points.

2 Fire Gems are rewarded on reaching 1,000,000; 2,000,000; 3,000,000; 4,000,000 and 5,000,000 points

Scarlet Coin rewarded at 1,500,000 event points.

Chance to obtain Bronze Sabatons, Bronze Signet, Silver Sabatons or Silver Signet from 3 back-to-back wins rewards

1 Bronze Signet, Silver Signet, Gold Signet or Platinum Signet is rewarded for finishing #1 in each day's group, the ring's rarity is determined by the group's title.

Top 10,000 ranked players receive 1 Gjallarhorn.

GoS38 Rewards

Resounding Glory

GoS38 Resounding Glory

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus October 16th till October 23rd
Day 1 Bugle x3 GoSPvP38Login
Day 2 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 3 Wereheart Shard x3
Day 4 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 5 Bugle x3