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GH See Green Healer or Gjallarhorn
Ghetto Pejorative term. An evolution using seeds below max level, giving very poor final stats. See: Evolution
Gjallarhorn An item that fully restores morale (3 points). See: Gjallarhorn
Glass Cannon Refers to a person, weapon, or in this case a familiar or a brigade which has a high output, but a low defense, life, durability, etc..
God of Steel One of the Old Gods of Arnashia, awoken by Galbraith, awards PvP titles to players to strengthen them to deal devine justice to Galbraith on his behalf. See: PvP Events
Gold The monetary system of Blood Brothers, gold is used to perform the Rite of Blood Brothers, Evolutions, and to Empower. It is earned from

Chests, as rewards for PvP, for Raid Boss Battle participation, and when dismissing familiars.

GoR An abbreviation for Guile of Runes
Grave of Heroes A special pact available during Raid Boss Events, with a chance to obtain Event specific Elite Familiars. See Cemetery
Grave of Kings A special pact available during Raid Boss Events that guarantees a Rare or better familiar. Costs 300 Blood Coins. See: Cemetery
Graveyard See: Cemetery
Growth The rate at which stats increase when a familiar gains a level. See: Stat Growth
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