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Elite Bonus The multipliers applied to Warlords and Event Elites at the opening of each Raid Boss battle.
Elixir An item used to revive an unconscious familiar. See: Elixir
Empower Empowering a familiar raises its core stats. To empower a familiar, one must shatter a crystal containing a spirit with the power to bolster a familiar's stats.
Energy Expended when travelling through a zone, every three steps expends one energy. Without energy you cannot move through a zone.
EP Epic Familiars are marked with an EP. See: Category:Epic Familiars
Event Week long campaigns with special rewards. See: Category:Events
Event Coin A coin earned during Raid Boss Events, by helping kill a Raid boss or after the first clearing of an Event Zone, that can be spent on Grave of Heroes Pacts Event Coins remaining at event end get converted to Bronze Coins. See: Event Coin
Event Allies Allies who participate in Raid Boss events and share 10% of their earned Event Points. They also receive 10% of your earned Event Points
Event Elite Familiars introduced during a Raid Boss Event that receive a bonus to stats. Typically, multiple elite familiars are released for each Raid Event, varying in rarity from Rare to Legendary. Elite multipliers vary from 5x to 30x normal stats and only last for the duration of the event.
Event Points Rank Points earned when battling Raid Bosses during Raid Boss Events.
Evolution Combining two of the same familiar, to create an evolved familiar that is stronger than the originals, with a different appearance. See:Evolution
Evolved Stat On this wiki, the Evolved Stat on a Familiar page refers the the stat as Perfectly Evolved. See: Perfect Evolution, or Evolution
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