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Band Brigade Edit Selection. See: Brigade
Base Stats The stats of a familiar at capture or from a pact.
Battle Standard A flag that appears in a Familiar's portrait in the Rite of Blood Brothers to indicate that the familiar is in an active brigade (in a zone) and cannot be used as a minion. The familiar may still participate in the rite, but only to have its skill improved.
Bazaar The section of the game found in the "More" menu that allows players to trade familiars for up to three other familiars or lots of items. Up to five offers may be made per day, though a player may accept an unlimited number of other players' offers.
Blood Brothers The ritual, or rite, of Blood Brothers allows you to set minions for familiars to boost the effectiveness of their skills. Note: Minions are consumed!
Also: The name of the game.
Blood Coin Mobage sells Mobacoins, known within the Blood Brothers game as Blood Coins, that can be used to purchase premium Pacts and Items.
Blood Meal An item with a chance to convert a captured familiar into your service. See: Blood Meal
BM See Blood Meal
Brigade The collection of 5-9 familiars who accompany your warlord when travelling a zone. Each player has three brigades.
Buff A skill that temporarily boosts one or more stats of one or more allies during battle.
Bugle An item that restores one point of morale. See: Bugle
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