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AGI See Agility
Agility One of the 5 stats of a familiar, determines attack order and is used in some skills. See: Agility
All-Out A super attack made during PvP or Raid Boss Battles, uses three Morale, multiplies the stats of all familiars for the duration of the battle (x1.5 in PvP and x5 in Raid Boss).
Allies Friends and other players who you have marked as an ally. Make someone an ally by using their ID, or requesting an alliance from their profile page. Allies are the only players who may become Event Allies.
AoE See Area of Effect
Area A location that is broken down into Zones. See Areas
Area of Effect A designation for a skill that hits multiple targets in a single strike, e.g. Torrent of Flame. Contrast with Multi-Hit, which hits multiple targets over multiple strikes.
Arnashia The world of Blood Brothers. See: Arnashia
ASK All-Seeing Keeper II A very strong AGI familiar that is often used in PvP for its amazing speed and damage.
ATK See Attack
Attack One of the five stats of a familiar, is used in some skills and in most Auto-Attacks.
May also refer to the action taken to damage foes.
Auto-Attack The standard (non-skill) attack of a familiar during battle, typically inflicting damage based on the familiar's ATK stat, unless the familiar has a WIS-Based Auto Attack.
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