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Below is a complete Glossary of terms specific to the game or to the wiki. It will include common lingo as well as other, game-specific information.

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AGI See Agility
Agility One of the 5 stats of a familiar, determines attack order and is used in some skills. See: Agility
All-Out A super attack made during PvP or Raid Boss Battles, uses three Morale, multiplies the stats of all familiars for the duration of the battle (x1.5 in PvP and x5 in Raid Boss).
Allies Friends and other players who you have marked as an ally. Make someone an ally by using their ID, or requesting an alliance from their profile page. Allies are the only players who may become Event Allies.
AoE See Area of Effect
Area A location that is broken down into Zones. See Areas
Area of Effect A designation for a skill that hits multiple targets in a single strike, e.g. Torrent of Flame. Contrast with Multi-Hit, which hits multiple targets over multiple strikes.
Arnashia The world of Blood Brothers. See: Arnashia
ASK All-Seeing Keeper II A very strong AGI familiar that is often used in PvP for its amazing speed and damage.
ATK See Attack
Attack One of the five stats of a familiar, is used in some skills and in most Auto-Attacks.
May also refer to the action taken to damage foes.
Auto-Attack The standard (non-skill) attack of a familiar during battle, typically inflicting damage based on the familiar's ATK stat, unless the familiar has a WIS-Based Auto Attack.
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Band Brigade Edit Selection. See: Brigade
Base Stats The stats of a familiar at capture or from a pact.
Battle Standard A flag that appears in a Familiar's portrait in the Rite of Blood Brothers to indicate that the familiar is in an active brigade (in a zone) and cannot be used as a minion. The familiar may still participate in the rite, but only to have its skill improved.
Bazaar The section of the game found in the "More" menu that allows players to trade familiars for up to three other familiars or lots of items. Up to five offers may be made per day, though a player may accept an unlimited number of other players' offers.
Blood Brothers The ritual, or rite, of Blood Brothers allows you to set minions for familiars to boost the effectiveness of their skills. Note: Minions are consumed!
Also: The name of the game.
Blood Coin Mobage sells Mobacoins, known within the Blood Brothers game as Blood Coins, that can be used to purchase premium Pacts and Items.
Blood Meal An item with a chance to convert a captured familiar into your service. See: Blood Meal
BM See Blood Meal
Brigade The collection of 5-9 familiars who accompany your warlord when travelling a zone. Each player has three brigades.
Buff A skill that temporarily boosts one or more stats of one or more allies during battle.
Bugle An item that restores one point of morale. See: Bugle
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C Common Familiars are marked with a C. See Category:Common Familiars
CC See Crystal
Category Wiki term. Organization method.
Cemetery A location you visit to grow your army by purchasing Pacts with special coins. See: Cemetery
Coffer A wood strongbox found while travelling through zones. Contains treasure, but must be opened after clearing a zone. See: Coffer
Common Typically, Common refers to the rarity of a familiar and their availability in game. See: Common
Cone A skill, typically AoE, that hits up to a maximum of three targets in one single hit: one directly ahead, and one on each side of the first. If two familiars are not adjacent to each other, the skill will hit only one of them. If a familiar is placed on the sides, a cone skill will hit only two targets. Compare with Fork, which hits three targets in multi-hit.
Copper Coin A coin found while traversing a zone, used at the Cemetery to purchase Copper Pacts. See: Copper Coin
Copper Pact A purchasable coffin that will add a familiar to your army. See: Cemetery
Counter A skill that allows a familiar to strike back when it or an ally takes damage.
Crystal Used to empower familiars. Shatter to release spirits associated with a stat to raise that stat by 50 points. Up to 10 crystals per stat may be used on a familiar.
CSMM An abbreviation for Cat Sith Magus Master II, a quite popular and powerful WIS-based familiar.
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Debuff A skill that temporarily lowers one or more stats of one or more allies during battle. Debuffs are affected by opponents' WIS. See: Category:Afflictions/Debuff
DEF See Defense
Defense One of five the five stats of a familiar. The ability to take reduced damage from physical attacks. See: Stats
Dismiss Releases a familiar from your service, rewarding you with Gold.
Dried Sage An item used to completely restore the health of a familiar who is not yet unconscious. See: Dried Sage

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Elite Bonus The multipliers applied to Warlords and Event Elites at the opening of each Raid Boss battle.
Elixir An item used to revive an unconscious familiar. See: Elixir
Empower Empowering a familiar raises its core stats. To empower a familiar, one must shatter a crystal containing a spirit with the power to bolster a familiar's stats.
Energy Expended when travelling through a zone, every three steps expends one energy. Without energy you cannot move through a zone.
EP Epic Familiars are marked with an EP. See: Category:Epic Familiars
Event Week long campaigns with special rewards. See: Category:Events
Event Coin A coin earned during Raid Boss Events, by helping kill a Raid boss or after the first clearing of an Event Zone, that can be spent on Grave of Heroes Pacts Event Coins remaining at event end get converted to Bronze Coins. See: Event Coin
Event Allies Allies who participate in Raid Boss events and share 10% of their earned Event Points. They also receive 10% of your earned Event Points
Event Elite Familiars introduced during a Raid Boss Event that receive a bonus to stats. Typically, multiple elite familiars are released for each Raid Event, varying in rarity from Rare to Legendary. Elite multipliers vary from 5x to 30x normal stats and only last for the duration of the event.
Event Points Rank Points earned when battling Raid Bosses during Raid Boss Events.
Evolution Combining two of the same familiar, to create an evolved familiar that is stronger than the originals, with a different appearance. See:Evolution
Evolved Stat On this wiki, the Evolved Stat on a Familiar page refers the the stat as Perfectly Evolved. See: Perfect Evolution, or Evolution
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Familiar(s) Familiars are the creatures of the world of Arnashia that will fight your Warlord, or join in his/her cause.
FoR Common acronym for Flash of Rage, a devastating skill popular for Wisdom Warlords.
Fork A skill, typically AoE, that hits up to a maximum of three targets: one directly ahead, and one on each side in multi-hit typically 4-2-1-3-5 sequence. Certain Fork-attack skills only hit 2 or 3 foes. If two familiars are not adjacent to each other, the skill will hit only one of them. Compare with Cone or AoE, which hits up to three targets in single hit.
Formations The arrangement of your familiars in battle. See: Formations
Fusion See Evolution
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GH See Green Healer or Gjallarhorn
Ghetto Pejorative term. An evolution using seeds below max level, giving very poor final stats. See: Evolution
Gjallarhorn An item that fully restores morale (3 points). See: Gjallarhorn
Glass Cannon Refers to a person, weapon, or in this case a familiar or a brigade which has a high output, but a low defense, life, durability, etc..
God of Steel One of the Old Gods of Arnashia, awoken by Galbraith, awards PvP titles to players to strengthen them to deal devine justice to Galbraith on his behalf. See: PvP Events
Gold The monetary system of Blood Brothers, gold is used to perform the Rite of Blood Brothers, Evolutions, and to Empower. It is earned from

Chests, as rewards for PvP, for Raid Boss Battle participation, and when dismissing familiars.

GoR An abbreviation for Guile of Runes
Grave of Heroes A special pact available during Raid Boss Events, with a chance to obtain Event specific Elite Familiars. See Cemetery
Grave of Kings A special pact available during Raid Boss Events that guarantees a Rare or better familiar. Costs 300 Blood Coins. See: Cemetery
Graveyard See: Cemetery
Growth The rate at which stats increase when a familiar gains a level. See: Stat Growth
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HB See Heartsblood or Head Bash.
Heal A class of abilities that raises the hitpoints of one or more familiars.
Heartsblood An item that guarantees the capture of a familiar. See: Heartsblood
Hero One of the 8 Heroes you select at game start to lead your team into the battles that take you through the saga of Blood Brothers.
Hero and Warlord are interchangeable terms within the community.
Horn See Gjallarhorn
HP One of the 5 stats of a familiar, HP stand for Hit Points, and is commonly referred to as the health of a familiar. See: Stats
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ID A Unique 6-letter code used to identify a player, also used as identifier for in-game invite incentives.
IG In-game
IGN In-game Name
Imperial Forces Many familiars were part of Galbraith's forces until dying, at which point you can convert them to your service.
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KB See Killing Blow
Killing Blow Getting the Killing Blow on a Raid Boss rewards a Bugle and an Event Coin.
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L Legendary Familiars are marked with an L. Category:Legendary Familiars
Leech A player who accepts a raid invite but doesn't push for the event rare. (negative connotation)
Level/Familiar The level of a familiar. Increases with earned XP.
Level/Skill The level of a familiars Skill, Max 20. Increasing this level through the Rite of Blood Brothers increases the chance that the skill will be used in battle.
Level/Warlord The level of your Warlord. Increases with earned XP.
LW Common acronym for Lightning Web, a powerful skill popular for Wisdom Warlords.
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MD See Mandrake
Mandrake An item that fully restores energy. See: Mandrake
Morale Points used to make a PvP or Raid Boss battle Attack.
Multi-Hit A designation for a skill that hits multiple targets over multiple strikes, e.g. Venomstorm. Contrast with AoE, which hits multiple targets in a single strike.
MVP Most Valuable Player. Awarded for scoring the highest points in capturing/defending a zone in World Battle Coliseum Events or dealing the most damage to Raid Bosses in Raid Boss Events.
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NPE Near Perfect Evolution. An Evolution with stats close to that of a PE or Perfect Evolution (generally at least 90% of PE). See Evolution.
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Offering Special familiars with no value other than for use in Blood Brothers. They offer a bonus to Skill XP when used as such. Shades and Sanguine Shades are the two types of Offerings currently available in the game.
OHKO One Hit Knock Out. To kill an enemy familiar in a single strike. Note that a multi-hit skill consists of several strikes.
OPE Over Perfect Evolution. Same as Perfect Evolution but with at least one crystal added. See Evolution & Tutorial:Making an OPE.
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Pact A pact, from Latin pactum ("something agreed upon"), is a formal agreement.
You can purchase Pacts at the Cemetery to gain a new familiar for your army in the fight against Galbraith.
Familiars obtained via pact are the same as familiars captured while travelling through zones.
PE Perfect Evolution.
Perfect Evolution has been determined to be possible in the case of a 4-star familiar by using 8 1-star familiars, and leveling/evolving in a certain way to achieve the highest final stats without adding crystals. See Evolution.
POPE Perfect Over Perfect Evolution. Similar to Perfect Evolution, but with the maximum number of crystals added. This is generally 400 for 8-card evolutions, 200 for 4-card evolutions and 100 for 2-card evolutions. See Evolution.

POPE was originated from failed autocorrect of mobile devices and it is widely accepted as an alternative of OPE400 / OPE100.

Proc The chance that a skill will activate. When a skill activates it is also known as Proccing.
PvE PvE stands for Player versus Environment. These are battles against story-mode mobs, tower mobs, tower bosses, or raid bosses.
PvP PvP stands for Player versus Player. When one of your brigades goes head to head with another players brigade to earn points, and rewards!
PvP Event PvP Events or Player versus Player events, pit player teams against other player teams to gain titles that boost battle damage.
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R Rare Familars are marked with an R. See: Category:Rare Familiars
Raid Shorthand for Raid Event.
Raid Boss Raid Bosses are the 'bad guys' of the Raid Boss Events. They usually terrorize the inhabitants of a special location, or are there for the amusement of Gambling King Phillip.
Raid Event Raid Events or Raid Boss Events feature a special location with a complete evolutionary chain of Raid bosses that players must face off against to earn event points and clear the area for the safety of Arnashia.
Rank Your rank based upon the number of Event Points, or PvP Battles Won.
Rarity Familiars are categorized by how rare, or hard to get, they are. There are currently 6 Rarity steps; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic.
Reliquary A gold treasure chest found while traversing a zone that contains an item. Cannot be opened until after clearing the zone. See Reliquary
RNG Random Number Generator, something often used in games. Using hardware or software a sequence of numbers or symbols are generated that can not be reasonably predicted better than by a random chance. These generated numbers or symbols are then used for aspects of the game that require a certain randomness.
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S&D Common acronym for Shield & Dagger, a skill used to block and counter for any familiar in battle. See: Shield & Dagger
Sac Sacrifice. To add the skill of a familiar to your warlord. See: Add New Skill
Sanguine Shade A familiar earned during events and at certain PvP streak marks. It is a type of Offering and adds 300 Skill XP when used in the Rite of Blood Brothers.
Scarlet Coin A coin purchased using 300 Blood Coins or awarded for certain levels of performance in Events. See: Scarlet Coin
Scarlet Pact A Pact purchased using a Scarlet Coin. See: Cemetery
ScP Common acronym for Stormcaller Pinion, a powerful position independent WIS attack used by Warlords.
Shade A familiar earned during events and at certain PvP streak marks. It is a type of Offering and adds 100 Skill XP when used in the Rite of Blood Brothers.
Silver Coin An item found in chests and as other rewards, used to purchase a Silver Pact.
Silver Pact A Pact purchased using a Silver Coin, with better familiars than a Copper Pact.
Single Target A designation for a skill that strikes once and hits one target only, e.g. Massive Assault.
Skill(s) Skills are used by familiars in battle to gain an edge over foes. Some Skills boost allies stats, some heal, some are designed to do extra damage, or damage multiple foes.
Skill XP Experience added to the skill of a Familiar through the Rite of Blood Brothers.
Smurf An account with 3-men brigade & very strong familiars. Mostly used in PvP event to gain advantage on both the points & morale/energy recovery via fast level up of warlord. Considered as cheating by a majority of players.
Special Dungeons An event featuring three towers and event specific familiars designed to test players. See Category:Special Dungeons.
Special Elite Bonus A multiplier awarded at the beginning of raid boss battles for brigades which use 2 or more EP4, EP1, EP2, L1, or L2 Event Elites. This bonus only applies to the qualifying elites.
Standard Attack A regular attack made during PvP or Raid Boss Battles, uses one Morale.
Sweeping A designation for a skill that hits multiple targets from left to right, e.g. Slashing Blade. Contrast with Multi-Hit, which hits multiple targets but does not need to do so from left to right.
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Tagging To quickly attack raid bosses instead of aiming for mvp. (you do this with just your hero)
Target The familiars or familiars affected by a skill.
ToF Common acronym for Torrent of Flame, a devastating skill popular for Wisdom Warlords.
ToH Common acronym for Tears of the Hideous, a powerful position independent AGI attack used by Warlords.
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UC Uncommon Familiars are marked with a UC. See Category:Uncommon Familiars
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Wagon/General Storage for Rewards earned outside of actual game play and Familiars drawn via pact with Rarity "Rare" or above if you are at max capacity. Items and familiars stored for only 30 days.
Wagon/Social Items received from trade, or items returned from expired trade, get placed in the Bazaar section of your wagon. All familiars and items stored for 30 days. Formerly Wagon/Bazaar.
Wagon/Temporary Storage for captured, received as Reward or "Common" and "Uncommon" Familiars drawn via pact go into Temporary Storage when you are at max capacity. Familiars only stay in Temporary Storage for 24 hours before being removed.
Warlord One of the 8 familiars you select at the start of the game to lead your team into the battles that take you through the saga of Blood Brothers. See: Warlords.
Hero and Warlord are interchangeable terms within the community.
WBC World Battle Coliseum
White Flag See Battle Standard.
WIS See Wisdom
Wisdom One of five stats of a familiar. Wisdom is used to calculate damage of magical attacks. It also reduces damage taken by magical attacks and reduces the effects of debuffs. See Stats
Withdraw To remove your brigade from a zone, losing all found Coffers and Reliquaries. Withdrawal can be forced if your Warlord is knocked out and you cannot revive him.
Worth The amount of gold you obtain when dismissing a familiar.
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XP Experience, earned through familiar battles in a zone and PvP Battles.
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