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Festival of Darkness are pacts, introduced for the first time on September 15, 2013, during the 2013 Halloween celebrations.

Festival of Darkness is a Halloween edition of Circle Pact.


Loop through the tiers up to three times during the festival, as shown below.
Tier 1 is just 100 BloodCoins!
The higher the tier, the higher the featured familiar drop rate.

Tier number Pact number Featured Familiar rate Price Bonus
1 1 10% 100 MobaCoin 3 Bugles Bugle
2 2 1 pact 10% 200 MobaCoin -
3 2 1 pact 10% 300 MobaCoin -
4 3 1 pact 20% 600 MobaCoin -
5 4 1 pact 30% 900 MobaCoin -
6 6 1 pact 50% 1500 MobaCoin -
7 10 1 pact Rarity.Legendary or Rarity.Epic


2700 MobaCoin -

Featured Familiars[]

The more pacts you forge, the higher the featured familiar Rare, Rare II, Epic, Epic III, Legendary drop rate!

The ultimate form of following familiars cannot be obtained in pacts. The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiar (EP**), PE.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II Cuelebre the Ironscaled
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II Steelscales 13,152 15,546 12,404 10,584 13,022
Other Featured Familiars
Gathgoic the Other II Gathgoic the Other
Zombie Dragon II Zombie Dragon
Nightmare Charger II Nightmare Charger
Ignis Fatuus II Ignis Fatuus
Phantom Assassin II Phantom Assassin
Amon, Marquis of Blaze II Amon, Marquis of Blaze
Cinerary Centipede II Skull Centipede
Skull Centipede II
Cinerary Centipede
Ogre Marrowwalk II Ogre Corpse
Ogre Corpse II
Ogre Marrowwalk
Hogni Ruinblade II Hogni the Greedy
Hogni the Greedy II
Hogni Ruinblade
Wailing Banshee II Banshee
Banshee II
Wailing Banshee
Lucia, Petal-Shears II Lucia, Stitcher Witch
Lucia, Stitcher Witch II
Lucia, Petal-Shears

Important Notes[]

  • For Tiers 2-7, after the pact animation completes you can get one last familiar (Rare or higher). If this happens, the familiar will be placed in your Wagon.
  • The featured familiar drop rate listed for each tier is the drop rate for the last familiar in the pact.
  • All Familiars are Legendaries, Epics and Rares.

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