The aim of the Familiar Tier List is to give an idea of the value of the familiars considered to be the best in the game. Please note that this list is  subjective and unofficial and is made by players and fans.

Familiars are separated into tiers, where higher tiers are better than lower tiers (the highest being Tier X). Familiars within the same tier can be considered equal for the purpose of that event type. If a familiar doesn't appear in the lists or is removed from the lists, you may consider it as a non-tiered familiar (too weak to place anywhere).

Familiars can be excellent in one event and weaker in another. Please choose from one of the three lists below.


Hollofernyiges Figure
Main article: Familiar Tier List/PvP

The PvP list includes normal battles against players, God of Steel events and World Battle Tournament events.


Fomor the Savage Figure
Main article: Familiar Tier List/Raid

The Raid list includes battles against bosses from Special Dungeons events, Raid Boss Events and Story Mode.


Sekhmet Aflame Figure
Main article: Familiar Tier List/Tower

The Tower (Special Dungeons) list includes battles against random monsters in Story Mode and Special Dungeons Familiars.

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