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Empowering your familiars is one way to increase the effectiveness of your familiars. By using stat specific crystals, you can increase the stats of each familiar by up to 500 pts each with the use of 10 crystals of each specific attribute.

Empower can be reached by Home > Blood Brothers > Menu > Empower.

Empowering a familiar raises its core stats. To empower a familiar, one must shatter a crystal containing a spirit with the power to bolster a familiar's stats.
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Only a maximum of 10 crystals may be used per stat and per familiar.

Boosts from crystals carry over to the spawn during evolution at a 10% rate per seed reduced by an additional 10% per evolution..

Using crystals for OPE evolutions (400 crystals with 10 crystals of each attribute for each appropriate familiar to be used in the evolution, creating a total of 10x5x8=400) of 4* familiars will result in an additional boost of 165 per stat of the max form from your 7 seeds in addition to the 500 stat boost per stat from your 1 original.

So, 665 total stat boost per stat for an OPE 400 4* familiar, 605 total stat boost per stat for an OPE 200 3* familiar, and 550 total stat boost per stat for an OPE 100 2* familiar.

To see an example of the point difference between a PE 4* familiar and an OPE 400 4* familiar, see All-Seeing Keeper II (ASK II). There is a picture below the familiar description of an OPE 400 ASK II. Subtract a stat figure from the PE stats listed on the page from the corresponding stat figure in the picture of the OPE 400 ASK II. You should come up with 665.

The Crystals[]

Each Crystal adds 50 points to a specific stat and each familiar can be empowered with up to 10 of each Crystal.

These crystals house spirits that control one of the five core stats. The ritual shattering of the crystals claims the life of the spirit within.
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Crystals can be obtained as event rewards and through PVP ranking rewards. The PVP rank needed to get crystals and the reward crystal vary by the day of the week.

  • Monday through Friday: Mon: HP; Tues: ATK; Wed: DEF; Thurs: WIS; Fri: AGI
  1. Rank 1-5: 10 Crystals
  2. Rank 6-10: 5 Crystals
  3. Rank 11-100: 2 Crystals
  4. Rank 101-1000: 1 Crystal
  • Saturday and Sunday:
  1. Rank 1-5: 5-Crystal Set x3
  2. Rank 6-10: 5-Crystal Set x2
  3. Rank 11-100: 5-Crystal Set x1

You can also get crystals from: completing certain levels, once for each level in the tower event and by ranking in each weekly event. A popular way to collect crystals is to offer rares in the bazaar for 5-10 crystals.

As of mid March, players can no longer win 1 set of crystals during pvp streaks (15, 24,and 30).

More Images[]


Cadmoth, Dragonslayer II about to empower with one of each crystal.


The Empower Screen