The aim of the Damage Output List is to give concrete numbers to back up each familiar in terms of proc damage.

Familiar damage output is different for each event based on their skilltype. For instance Multi-Hitting familiars will do better on a raid event compared to an Area of Effect skill. Familiars are also categorized by their source of damage and skill modifier. This list is meant to give an unbiased look at the raw data with no buffers and positional advantages. Further info can be obtained by going into the subcategories of each page.

Familiars can output different types of damage in different situations. Please choose from one of the three lists below.


Rovn, the Brass Panzer II Figure
Main article: Damage Calculations/Overall
The Overall list assumes that your familiar procs against a mid-line 5 familiar brigade with 0 defense, 0 wisdom and infinite HP. This is in a sense the maximum damage a familiar can do when it procs. 


Alluring Merrow II Figure
Main article: Damage Calculations/PvP
The PvP list takes into account factors that determine the average number of hits onto an opposing brigade of 5 familiars. The average proc damage is calculated taking into account death and formations.


Solsten the Really Wanted II Figure
Main article: Damage Calculations/Tower
The Tower list is a compilation of all the familiars with their POPE stats and uses the HP, DEF, and WIS stats to calculate the survivability of the familiar. This is how long a familiar can last against different types of attacks.


Void Yaksha II Figure
Main article: Damage Calculations/Raid
The Raid list takes into account facing a single boss. It has no defense but some wisdom stats so a flat 10% reduction is applied to skills having their source from wisdom. 
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