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Unmitigated Debuffs are debuff skills which ignore the target's WIS when applying the debuff.  For most debuffs, the following formula is used to determine the value of the debuff:

Debuffed_Stat = Base_Stat – (Atk_WIS * Atk_Title_Bonus – Def_WIS * Def_Title_Bonus) * Debuff_Mod.

The target WIS first reduces the attacker's WIS, greatly reducing the power of the debuff.

However, unmitigated debuffs ignore the target's WIS, allowing the value of the debuff to be much greater.  For these debuff skills, the value of the debuff can be calculated with the following formula:

Debuffed_Stat = Base_Stat - Atk_WIS * Atk_Title_Bonus * Debuff_Mod

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