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Raid Boss Notification during Crystal Caverns.

Raid Bosses are foes that make their appearance during Raid Boss Events.


Fighting a Raid Boss takes an entire Brigade and consumes morale.


Before attacking you must select one of two types of attack:

  • Standard - Which consumes 1 morale point.
  • All-Out - Which consumes all 3 morale points and multiplies your parties stats by 5.

Event Elites (Event Specific) are great to have in your raiding party - they are offered stat bonuses when fighting Raid Bosses. Stack those with an All-Out Attack for potent damage!


If you discover a Raid Boss that you cannot defeat yourself you have the option to call for help. The game will select up to 10 currently active players, including allies to ask for assistance. Those players may or may not assist you.

You will also receive notifications of other players asking for your assistance. Taking part in those battles will give you varying rewards depending on how you perform.


The Raid Boss Details page will give information about who has participated in the battle, possible rewards, the current health level of the Raid Boss, the current MVP (player who dealt the most damage), and your damage contribution.


Rewards Vary depending on the Raid Boss. Special rewards are given to the following participants or in the following circumstances:

  • Discoverer
  • MVP
  • Killing Blow Dealer
  • Mob Bonus (varying number of attackers)


All items (200)