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Elite Familiars are Elite only for the duration of the Raid Event.

Raid Boss Events were introduced to the game on June 21st, 2012. They are the first event to have been introduced to the game.

Raid Boss Events have the player facing off against Raid Bosses to earn points. For these events new familiars, Elites, are added with boosted stats during the event.

Note regarding afflictions: 100% affliction skills such as Torrent of Venom do not feature a 100% chance of poisoning Raid Bosses. Specifically, the chance to poison a Raid boss is 1/5 of the normal chance. For example, if an attack has 40% chance to poison normally, that attack will only have 8% chance to poison a Raid boss. The same applies to most other afflictions.

Event Details

Following details as of The Blighted Wood.

Battling Event Bosses

Raid Bosses are powerful enemies that can be found while walking in the special event area or thanks to an invitation. Once a boss is encountered, the player can attack it. Attacking a boss needs Morale.

Battling Event Bosses
  1. Use morale points to take on a boss!
  2. Everyone in your party can join the battle.
  3. Use all-out attacks and elite familiars to deal maximum damage.
  4. Team up with other players to help ensure victory!
  • Note: Bosses will eventually flee. Tap the Event Button while in a zone to see how much time is left!


Don't think you have what it takes to challenge raid bosses?
Recruit some elite familiars to your ranks, and watch as their stats soar to up to 30 times normal on boss fights!

Elite Familiar Bonuses

Having nine of any combination of the EP4, EP1, EP2, L or L2 elite familiars in your party gives an additional 100% Power Multiplier bonus!

Unique Event Pacts

Lada has pried open the gates on new graveyards available only for this event. Recruit elite familiars to take the fight to the boss!
Lada hand picked the familiars for this event's graveyard, so they're ideal for evolving!


Morale is a gauge of your party's fighting spirit.
It tops out at 3 points, and recovers at a rate of 1 point every 15 minutes.
Normal attacks on a boss take 1 point of morale, all-out attacks take all 3.

You can use the two items listed below to quickly replenish morale:


Vigour is a guage of the ?your party's tenacity, and is used to fight Abyssal Emissary. Vigour takes 20 minutes to fully replenish once it has been used.

You can use the item below to quickly replenish vigour!

Rage Gauge

This feature was introduced during Winds of War.

This gauge is charged through the usage of morale, and you may stock up to 3 charges' worth of rage. Use it to deal extra damage during a boss battle.

Sigil of Wrath Info

Event Points

Event points are earned by battling raid bosses in this event. More powerful bosses are worth more points.
You can also earn Event Ally Bonus with your Event Allies!
MVPs earn 3.5 times the event points, and Junior MVPs 2 times!
For battling the chain boss, you can earn up to 7 times of the points!
For battling the super raid boss, you can earn up to 20 times of the points!

Earn Last Hit Point Bonus!
By finishing off regular bosses or a Super Raid Boss, you can earn extra points!

Please note that players with 0 points will not get any rewards.

Uncollected shared points will be automatically collected AFTER The event ends, during the rank calculation.
This will be reflected when the calculation is finalized and can cause a significant change in players' final points/rank.
Please keep this in mind, and good luck with the event play.
Note: Rankings are working as intended, and DeNA is not responsible for any unexpected changes.

Bonus Points

Receive a Damage Bonus that increases with the amount of damage dealt to raid bosses.


When the event ends, players are ranked by their point totals. High ranking players receive special rewards, so don't get left behind!

Event Ally

You can choose 10 of your allies to become event allies.
Event allies receive 10% of the points you earn, and you receive 10% of their points in return, except for points earned through defeating certain special bosses which are not shared with allies.
Tap the <Event Allies> button while in a zone to collect your shared points.

Important Notes

  • Only points earned after becoming event allies are shared.
  • Once someone is your event ally, they will remain so for the duration of the event.
  • Event allies are automatically removed at the end of the event.
  • Any uncollected points are automatically collected at the end of the event. Any point rewards received at that time will be placed in your wagon.

Important Notices


Uncollected event points will automatically be distributed in the wagon upon conclusion of the event. Ranking rewards will be distributed within seven days of the end of the event.


All points accumulated during the event will affect player rankings.

Event Items

Items that restore morale may be used during the next event. Items that restore morale may be purchased at the Shop during the event. Any unused items may be used during the next event. Unused Event Gold and Silver Coins will be replaced to Copper Coins conclusion of the event within a week.

MVP Note

If multiple players attack a boss simultaneously, the MVP can change just before the boss is defeated.

Elite Familiars

The stats of elites will return to normal upon conclusion of the event.

Event Zones

If you are in an event zone when the event ends, you will automatically be removed from the zone.

Reward Changes

Rewards may change without notice during the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Earning XP

Players receive XP for dealing a certain amount of damage to raid bosses. This does not apply to some raid bosses such as legendary bosses and shadow bosses.

Other Info

Daily Missions

This feature was introduced during the 13th event, The Labyrinth Games IV.

The players receive various rewards for completing the given daily missions. As bonus for completing all missions for 3 and 7 days, the player gets awarded with additional rewards.

Shadow Bosses

First introduced during Feast of the Giants, Shadow Bosses are bosses the player must eliminate on his own.

Special Missions

This feature was introduced during the Feast of the Giants.

A Shadow Shard can be obtained from fighting Raid Bosses. It can be obtained more quickly using all-out attacks.

1 Shadow ShardShadow Shard is obtained whenever you use a standard attack.
4-6 Shadow ShardShadow Shards are obtained whenever you use an all-out attack.

Players can earn a crystal and a special familiar when they earned certain quantities of Shadow Shards.

Special Mission are usually undergoing for the final 48 hours of the event & not the first few days of the event.

This feature was removed in favor of the shadow shards exchange in Sea of Death.

Chain Bosses

  • Chain Bosses were introduced during Fatescale Festival.
    • You need to defeat a Raid Boss Lvl 50 or above in order to have a chance to encounter a Chain Boss.
    • Every Chain Boss has to be defeated alone - no calling for allies.
    • Defeating a Chain Boss might trigger a higher Lvl Chain Boss up to Lvl 70
    • A chain bonus is given after defeating the complete chain. If a Chain Boss escapes the battle, chain bonus will NOT be awarded.
    • The Chain Bonus points are not shared with your allies.
  • Starting from Vengeful Seas, Lv 60 and Lv 70 Chain Bosses may give an ATK stat boost to your familiars when hit!



Shade Figure



Event Gold

Event Gold Coin

Event Silver

Event Silver Coin



Wereheart Shard

Wereheart Shard

Beastheart Shard

Beastheart Shard



Scarlet Coin

Scarlet Coin

Event Elite Rarity.Rare Event Rarity.Rare Multi-Event Rarity.Rare
300 2x 500 850,000 1,000 ATK 1,500 100,000 310,000 2,500,000 1,500,000 500 1,000,000 3,800,000
1,000 2x 1,000 950,000 1,500 DEF 3,000 210,000 650,000 100,000 4,500,000
2,000 2x 1,500 1,400,000 3,000 WIS 6,000 500,000 2,500,000
3,000 2x 2,000 2,000,000 5,000 AGI 12,000
5,000 2x 2,500 3,500,000 6,000 HP 18,000
8,000 2x 3,000 5,000,000 12,000 ATK 24,000
12,000 2x 4,000 6,500,000 16,000 WIS 36,000
16,000 2x 5,000 8,000,000 18,000 AGI 52,000
20,000 2x 6,000 9,500,000 24,000 HP 73,000
24,000 20,000 10,000,000 30,000 ATK 150,000
28,000 30,000 32,000 DEF 210,000
32,000 52,000 36,000 AGI 285,000
36,000 100,000 46,000 HP 360,000
46,000 52,000 ATK 500,000
58,000 73,000 DEF 650,000
73,000 82,000 WIS 950,000
91,000 110,000 AGI 1,400,000
110,000 150,000 HP 2,000,000
150,000 190,000 ATK 3,500,000
285,000 210,000 DEF 5,000,000
335,000 285,000 WIS 6,500,000
400,000 335,000 AGI 8,000,000
500,000 360,000 HP 9,500,000
600,000 500,000
700,000 550,000
800,000 650,000
900,000 1,800,000
37 22 10 27 23 3 3 1 1 2 2 1


Secret Raid Boss

During Sea of Death, Demons of the Simoon and Death from the Skies a mysterious Secret Raid Boss wandered the event area. He had only 1,000-20,000 HP and awarded only 100 Event Points, but he dropped one random crystal upon defeat.


Nightfall was a halloween special during The Cursed Castle that featured Halloween Bosses.

  • Points earned through defeating Halloween Bosses are not shared with allies.
  • Only ONE Halloween Boss can spawn at a single time during "Nightfall". Defeat the current Halloween Boss to encounter the next one.
  • During "Nightfall", you will only meet "Figgo, Drudge" and "Figgo, Executioner" besides the Halloween boss.
  • No Calling for aid on Halloween bosses, You have to bring them down yourself!
  • You need to defeat lvl 50 or above ""Figgo, Drudge" and "Figgo, Executioner" in order to encounter the Halloween Boss.
  • Battles with Halloween Bosses lasted for 2 turns.


Whiteout was a special during Winds of War that featured Whiteout Bosses.

  • Points earned through defeating Frost Harpy Bosses are not shared with allies.
  • Only ONE Frost Harpy Boss can spawn at a single time during "Whiteout". Defeat the current Frost Harpy Boss to encounter the next one.
  • During "Whiteout", you will only meet "Okypete, the Harpy" and "Okypete, the Swiftwing" besides the Frost Harpy boss.
  • No Calling for aid on Frost Harpy bosses, You have to bring them down yourself!
  • Frost Harpy Bosses may sometimes drop some bugles when defeated.
  • You need to defeat lvl 50 or above "Okypete, the Harpy" and "Okypete, the Swiftwing" in order to encounter the Frost Harpy Boss.

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