Opening Skill

Opening Skills get triggered at the beginning of battle. Formerly, the opening skill proc order changed by event type for those on Android OS, but as of January 2015, all opening skill orders are as follows:

Opening Skill Order

Front 11 12 13 14 15
Middle 06 07 08 09 10
Rear 01 02 03 04 05

Skills Table

The skills listed below are Opening Skills.

NameSkill TypeModifierStat1Stat2RangeBASEMAX
Ancient FeastBuff50%ATKN/ASelf & Adjacent Familiars1370
Battle HierarchyBattle Order100%N/AN/AAll Field1370
Blade BreakDebuff50%ATKN/A3 Foes1370
Blade Break 1Debuff10%ATKN/AAll Foes1370
Blade Break 2Debuff20%ATKN/AAll Foes1370
Blade Break 3Debuff30%ATKN/AAll Foes1370
Blade Break 4Debuff40%ATKN/AAll Foes1370
Blade Ward 2Buff40% (Flat)PhysicalN/AAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & ShieldBuff50%ATKDEFSelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Shield 1Buff10%ATKDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Shield 2Buff20%ATKDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Shield 3Buff30%ATKDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Shield 4Buff40%ATKDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & WindBuff50%ATKAGISelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Wind 1Buff10%ATKAGIAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Wind 2Buff20%ATKAGIAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Wind 3Buff30%ATKAGIAll Familiars1370
Boon of Blade & Wind 4Buff40%ATKAGIAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & BladeBuff50%WISATKSelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Blade 1Buff10%WISATKAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Blade 2Buff20%WISATKAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Blade 3Buff30%WISATKAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Blade 4Buff40%WISATKAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & ShieldBuff50%WISDEFSelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Shield 1Buff10%WISDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Shield 2Buff20%WISDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Shield 3Buff30%WISDEFAll Familiars1370
Boon of Mind & Shield 4Buff40%WISDEFAll Familiars13


Boon of the SeaBuff20%WISAGIAll Familiars1370
BulwarkProtection40% (Flat)PhysicalN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Breath WardProtection70% (Flat)BreathN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Breath Ward 1Protection10%BreathN/AAll Familiars1370
Breath Ward 2Protection20%BreathN/AAll Familiars1370
Breath Ward 3Protection30%BreathN/AAll Familiars1370
Breath Ward 4Protection40%BreathN/AAll Familiars1370
Broken VowDebuff22% (Flat)WISN/A1-3 Foes1370
CamouflageCopy100%ATK & DEFWIS & AGI Copies 1 Familiar stats + skill1130
Covenant of the RoseBuff15%AGIN/A 1-3 Foes1370
Dark BlessingDebuff45%SilenceN/A Self & Adjacent Familiars1370
Divine ShieldProtection65%PhysicalN/ASelf1370
Dream LureDebuff25%DisableN/A1-3 Foes1370
Dust CloudBuffN/AActionN/A2 Allies1370
Ferocious OmenBuff10%ATKN/ASelf & Adjacent Familiars1370
Grace of the RingBuff20%HPDEFSelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Grace of WindsBuff50%AGIN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Grace of Winds 1Buff10%AGIN/AAll Familiars1370
Grace of Winds 2Buff20%AGIN/AAll Familiars1370
Grace of Winds 3Buff30%AGIN/AAll Familiars1370
Grace of Winds 4Buff40%AGIN/AAll Familiars1370
Guile of RunesBuff50%WISN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Guile of Runes 1Buff10%WISN/AAll Familiars1370
Guile of Runes 2Buff20%WISN/AAll Familiars1370
Guile of Runes 3Buff30%WISN/AAll Familiars1370
Guile of Runes 4Buff40%WISN/AAll Familiars1370
Imperial AudienceDebuff45%SilenceN/ASelf & Adjacent1370
Lion's RoarProtection40% (Flat)MagicBreath1-3 foes1370
Magic WardProtection70%MagicN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Magic Ward 1Protection20%MagicN/AAll Familiars1370
Magic Ward 2Protection40% (Flat)MagicN/AAll Familiars1370
Magic Ward 3Protection50%MagicN/AAll Familiars1370
Melody of MercyBuff30% (Flat)HPN/ASelf & Familiars1170
Midnight SmileBuff20%AGIN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Might of ShieldsBuff50%DEFN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Might of Shields 1Buff10%DEFN/AAll Familiars1370
Might of Shields 2Buff20%DEFN/AAll Familiars1370
Might of Shields 3Buff30%DEFN/AAll Familiars1370
Might of Shields 4Buff40%DEFN/AAll Familiars1370
Mind RustDebuff50%WISN/A3 Foes1370
Mind Rust 1Debuff10%WISN/AAll Foes1370
Mind Rust 2Debuff20%WISN/AAll Foes1370
Mind Rust 3Debuff30%WISN/AAll Foes1370
Mind Rust 4Debuff40%WISN/AAll Foes1370
Mystic TeachingsBuff10%WISN/ASelf & Adjacent Familiars1370
Rally CryBuff10% (Flat)AllN/AAll Familiars1370
Ritual of BindingDebuff30%SilenceN/AAll Foes1370
Savage LullabyDebuff30%SilenceN/A3 Foes1370
Scales of TranquilityDebuff45%SilenceN/A3 Foes1370
Sealed LipsDebuff30%SilenceN/A2 Foes1370
Shield RendDebuff50%DEFN/A3 Foes1370
Shield Rend 1Debuff10%DEFN/AAll Foes1370
Shield Rend 2Debuff20%DEFN/AAll Foes1370
Shield Rend 3Debuff30%DEFN/AAll Foes1370
Shield Rend 4Debuff40%DEFN/AAll Foes1370
Shadow MasterBuff30% (Flat)HPN/ASelf & Adjacent Familiars1370
Shield of RuinDebuff50%PoisonN/A1-3 Foes1370
Sigiled SanctuaryBuff11%WISN/ASelf & Adjacent Familiars1370
Silent CheerBuff20% (Flat)Skill %N/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Speed SapDebuff50%AGIN/A3 Foes1370
Speed Sap 1Debuff10%AGIN/AAll Foes1370
Speed Sap 2Debuff20%AGIN/AAll Foes1370
Speed Sap 3Debuff30%AGIN/AAll Foes1370
Speed Sap 4Debuff40%AGIN/AAll Foes1370
Spell of RevivalBuff50%ReviveHPSelf & Adjacent1370
Strength of BladesBuff50%ATKN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Strength of Blades 1Buff10%ATKN/AAll Familiars1370
Strength of Blades 2Buff20%ATKN/AAll Familiars1370
Strength of Blades 3Buff30%ATKN/AAll Familiars1370
Strength of Blades 4Buff40%ATKN/AAll Familiars1370
Sun's MercyBuff15%ATKN/ASelf & Adjacent1370
TarantellaBuff30%DEFN/ASelf & Adjacent1370
Veil of ProtectionProtection40% (Flat)MagicN/ASelf & 2 Adjacent Familiars1370
Wail of SorrowDebuff20%DEFN/A1-3 Foes1370

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