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Mounted familiars have two skills and get two attacks each turn. The first attack they do in a turn can only trigger the first skill, while the second attack can only trigger the second skill. If one of the skills is an opening or reactive skill, then the familiar will only autoattack on the attack that corresponds to the opening or reactive skill. If a mounted familiar has two active skills, then both of the familiar's attacks will have an opportunity to proc their respective active skill.

Example []

If you take the example of Galahad, Drake Knight, since his first skill, Grace of Winds, is a buff the first attack will never proc; while his second attack can proc his second skill, Whirlwind. If a mounted familiar's first attack primes the familiar with a skill such as Focus or Zen, then the primed attack will go off instead of the second attack with no wait.

Attack number Familiar uses...
First Attack Auto-attack
Skill 1
Second Attack Auto-attack
Skill 2


You can verify whether a familiar is Mounted or not by looking to see if it has two skills and if it attacks/procs twice in battle. 


Notice in the picture of Galahad, Drake Knight that his skill has an arrow on the right side. If you select the arrow the screen will scroll his skill over to his second one.

Known Mounted Familiars[]

Please note that some Familiars, such as Odin, are not mounted familiars despite what their figures might suggest.

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