Familiars are bound by a blood pact to serve their warlord. Blood pacts can be made with captives after a battle, or at the cemetery.

There is a limit to the number of familiars you can have, and any familiars you form pacts with beyond this number get put in your wagon for 24 hours. Be sure to perform the Blood Brothers Ritual or Dismiss familiars you won't use to keep your ranks small enough to hold all your familiars.


There are currently 12 races inhabiting Arnashia:

  • Race.Paragon.png Paragon: "The world is filled with angels, and the paragons who do their bidding."
  • Race.Champion.png Champion: "The world is watched over by the gods, and the champions whose destinies they ordain."
  • Race.Highlander.png Highlander: "A race more ancient, wise, and long-lived than the race of men. Highlanders are stoic, seeking to purify their minds through meditation and pilgrimage."
  • Race.Darklander.png Darklander: "Branded the betrayers of the Highlanders, this race still worships the old gods. They believe emotion must be embraced, not controlled."
  • Race.Westerner.png Westerner: "These people dwell in the vast feudal kingdoms of the west."
  • Race.Easterner.png Easterner: "These people dwell in the vast feudal kingdoms of the east."
  • Race.Ape.png Ape: "An advanced race of primates who make their home in the jungles of the western Lowlands. Their ranks consist of gorillas, orangutans, and baboons."
  • Race.Lizardman.png Lizardman: "A broad term for the reptiles who dwell in the swamps of the eastern Lowlands. They have forged an empire from the crocodile, raptor, turtle, and chameleon realms."
  • Race.Dwarf.png Dwarf: "A race that dwells deep beneath the western lands. They have mastered the arts of gas lighting and steam power, using these to forge their war machines."
  • Race.Goblin.png Goblin: "A crude race that dwells deep beneath the eastern lands."
  • Race.Undead.png Undead: "The living dead who have been reanimated in a blight scourging the world. Of late, it seems they are led by some greater power."
  • Race.Imperial Army.png Imperial Army: "An army of vampires led by Galbraith. They have red eyes and sallow purple skin, holding a three-eyed emblem."

Additional Information

  • Familiar Origins - In Blood Brothers, Familiars are taken from various religions, legends, mythologies, and even real life figures.
  • Familiar Tier List - The aim of the Familiar Tier List is to give an idea of the value of the familiars considered to be the best in the game. Please note that this list is subjective and unofficial and is made by players and fans.
  • Familiars Records - This page contains all familiars holding a record (e.g. stats, damage, etc.)

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