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Poison is an affliction which causes the poisoned familiar to lose 5% of its total HP. (Same applies to skills)

Envenom is an affliction similar to poison but instead causes the envemoned familiar to lose 10 to  20% of its total HP. (Same applies to skills)

  • Poisoned familiars lose 5% of their maximum HP after each turn (mounted fams are only poisoned once per round, not twice).
  • Poisoned Raid Bosses lose 5% of their maximum HP with a maximum limit of 99,999 HP after every attack. Raid bosses have an increased resistance to being poisoned. Specifically, the chance to poison a Raid boss is 1/5 of the normal chance. For example, if an attack has 40% chance to poison normally, that attack will only have 8% chance to poison a Raid boss.
  • The Poison/Envemon affliction is applied once and can stack once.

Poisoned familiars are indicated by small purple bubbles rising upwards in a cone pattern.

Skills listed on this page have a chance to inflict the Poison affliction.

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