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Naming Conventions


When creating pages, please be mindful of spacing and punctuation. These should match the naming styles used in the game.

Images and Files

Images and files should be named in a way that is relevant to the content. You can rename your images before you upload them (this is the easiest option), or during upload if using the Special:MultipleUpload Tool. Use descriptive names so that the Blood Brothers Wiki isn't flooded with numbered images. (See: Image Tips Forum by User:Analoguedragon)
Files and images with names including screenshot, photo, img, or a date string may be removed or renamed by the administrators, negating your contribution to Blood Brothers Wiki.

  • Familiar figure images: <Familiar Name>_Figure.png
  • Boss images: <Familiar Name>_Boss.png

Template Usage

The following templates are available to make creating a new page easy. This ensures that all new pages follow the same style and will allow for an easy transition should the style ever change.





If you have issues with the templates, usage, or style suggestions don't hesitate to contact an administrator. Be sure to visit the Blood Brothers Wiki:Sandbox to play with any code you'd like to test out!


Please be sure to only use base stats as obtained via capture, Cemetery, or use of the Calculator.
Max stats are tricky as they can only be obtained via evolution when you seed has always been of the same evolutionary step and at max level. See Evolution, for more detailed information on how to reach true max stats.
True max stats should not include any stat bonuses obtained through Empowerment. Freloma has also done some data collection to produce a spreadsheet to determine the stats of most familiars at any level.

Edit Summary

Please use the edit summary box on the top right of the edit page. Leave at least some note about the changes you made, or didn't make any time you publish a page.

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