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Bewitching Pact are Halloween themed pacts, introduced on October 25, 2013.


Every set of pacts can only be purchased 5 times per person.

Pact number Price Max number of purchases Bonus
18 5000 BloodCoins 5 Featured Familiar x3 Guaranteed!

+ Mandrake Leaf x5
+ Bugle x10

11 3000 BloodCoins 5 Featured Familiar x2 Guaranteed!

+ Mandrake Leaf x3
+ Bugle x5

4 1000 BloodCoins 5 Featured Familiar x1 Guaranteed!

+ Mandrake Leaf x1
+ Bugle x3

Featured Familiars[]

Guaranteed featured familiars can be collected from the General section of your Wagon.

Featured familiars include Legendaries, Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiar (L**), PE.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Phantasmal Succubus II Phantasmal Succubus
Phantasmal Succubus II Bewitching Wings
Stirring Kiss
17,463 13,054 19,457 16,640 10,151
Special Revived Familiars
Vivian Griffinrider II Vivian Griffinrider
Kelaino, the Dark Cloud II Aello, the Storm Wind
Aello, the Storm Wind II
Kelaino, the Dark Cloud
Spellforged Cyclops II Warrior Cyclops
Warrior Cyclops II
Spellforged Cyclops
Black Knight, Soul Hunter II Black Knight, the Nameless
Black Knight, the Nameless II
Black Knight, Soul Hunter
Hrimthurs the Blizzard II Hrimthurs, Frost Giant
Hrimthurs, Frost Giant II
Hrimthurs the Blizzard
Rapse, the Bloody Horns II Rapse, Bone Breaker
Rapse, Bone Breaker II
Rapse, the Bloody Horns
Wu Chang the Infernal II Wu Chang the Demonic
Wu Chang the Demonic II
Wu Chang the Infernal
Andorra the Indomitable II Andorra the Warrior
Andorra the Warrior II
Andorra the Indomitable

Other Featured Familiars
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II Cuelebre the Ironscaled
Batraz, the Immortal Hero II Batraz, the Immortal Hero
Amon, Marquis of Blaze II Amon, Marquis of Blaze
Deborah, Knight Immaculate II Deborah, Knight Immaculate
Olitiau, the Great Bat II Olitiau, the Great Bat
Lucia, Petal-Shears II Lucia, Stitcher Witch
Lucia, Stitcher Witch II
Lucia, Petal-Shears
Yulia, Snakesage II Yulia, Snakerider
Yulia, Snakerider II
Yulia, Snakesage

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